big bend

  1. Chiefthepup

    Raptor Lights installed on Big Bend

    Mabett LED Grill Lights for Ford... Shout out to @JohnSilver for the guidance. Dremeled out the grill little by little til the lights slipped in and applied permatex adhesive/sealant. I used painters tape and a tape measure to make...
  2. Florida Sold: **Price Lowered** Selling a set of 4 Big Bend Wheels - $500

    Hi everyone, I am selling a set of 4 used Bronco Sport Big Bend Wheels. I am located in Orlando, FL for anyone who interested in picking them in person. I am also more than willing to ship them out to you. Please message me if interested. Thanks! $400 - in person $500 - to ship
  3. supaDean

    ❄️ My dear Bronco Sport's first snowfall! Share yours

    My dear BS, We knew it was coming. Your first snowfall! How do you like it? It's the first snowfall of 2024. A light dusting of 8 inches. You and your driveway, were covered in a white blanket. I'll do my best to keep the snow and ice off of you but be prepared to look like this on the best of...
  4. supaDean

    The little things... accessories so far.

    Hello. This is a great community. I enjoy the sharing of pics and ideas. My 2023 Big Bend was purchased off the lot this past October. Located in Northern Ontario, Canada. Useful things I've added to date: First up were license plate covers. A pet peeve of mine is how awful license plate...
  5. Review: I got the chance to sit in one!

    I went to a ford dealership, they're rated 4.4 out of 5 stars (Deservingly!) So this is my very first time sitting in a Ford Bronco Sport, (Big Bend Edition) 2023. It's maybe a little cramped, considering i'm 6,2 but it doesn't bother me. The design is great, i love how it looks. The 1.5L...
  6. ftodd

    New Jersey 2022 BIG BEND OEM WHEEL SET FOR SALE $450

    Full set of Big Bend Wheels for sale. No Tire Pressue Monitors. Flawless rims with no scratches scuffs dents or marks. Driven with 7K miles. Tires are still in outstanding shape. asking $500 OBO for the set. Pickup only in Central NJ. Please DM to arrange pickup location date and time. Feel free...
  7. the.harold.c


  8. Color coded 1.5L engine parts diagram -- Identifying crucial engine components

    I thought I'd post this as a bit of help if any of you are confidentially going to do D.I.Y Work on this engine. This engine comes off as intimidating and a rats nest, but once you know what you're looking for, it's not the worst. (this does not apply to the badlands bronco sports/2 Liter...
  9. tjbronco

    Refund for missing Big Bend fog lights

    Just received this letter from Ford today. I did not complain to them about this issue, it was unsolicited by me. So I would imagine others will be getting this letter. My Big Bend says that it should have fog lights on it's window sticker, but did not come with them (along with most of the...
  10. Free Big Bend

    245/65/17 on big bend stock ride height with gatorback mudflaps.

    got yelled at today at my local tire kingdom for trying to order a set of 245/65/17 for my big bend. even though I've see multiple posts of people running the 245s on the big bend on stock ride height can somebody reassure me for my sanity that these are the correct Ko2s other owners are...
  11. BS—BB-22-NS

    Urban Picture of The BS

    Trying to get it ready for some dispersed camping. Next is RTT.
  12. Kyukidoeric

    2021 Big Bend Bronco Sport for Sale My Big Bronco is on its way and should get her this week. So I'm selling my Sport. Cactus, Big Bend, 14700 miles. Asking$37,000 Eric 850-293-7986 We absolutely love this vehicle. This is an amazing car and we will miss BRONCIE, but the big boy is here a lot...
  13. California Big Bend Wheels + Tires

    Wheels + lugs + tires: $800 Wheels + lugs only: $600 Wheels have no scratches (sensors not included). Tires have less than 1K miles. Can deliver in greater LA or OC area.
  14. ChrisAyyy3

    Drove off the lot with a '22 Big Bend (Iconic Silver)!

    I was in talks with my local dealership about a Big Bend in Cactus Gray that was in transit. I was disappointed when my sales rep said someone wanted it and drove up the price. I was able to negotiate a deal with this Iconic Silver one in the same package/trim that was on the lot for less than...
  15. seoden88

    Kentucky Big Bend Sticker (gloss black) - $25.00 shipped

    New big bend sticker was 36.00 total new. Bought wrong one by mistake.
  16. zekethephysique

    Ford Bronco Sport Metric or SAE?

    I’m installing a JBL BassPro Hub into my BS BB. It fits perfectly in my full-size spare, but the mounting post JBL included is too thin. I need to get a threaded rod and cut it down to secure the subwoofer. I have the part number for Lug Wrench Stud Retainer. I can’t figure out if the BS uses...
  17. Danos

    Almost Done with upgrades - 2021 Bronco Sport Big Bend - Kodiak Brown

    What I have done so far: BFG KO2 245/65R/17 on Raceline rims Thule WingBar Evo 135 Black Ford Ranger Lifts Nudge bar 4 Baja Design XL sport lights K&N Air filter Z-Edge Front/rear HD Dash cam Looking for lift/leveling kit as my next project. any recommendations? Thanks
  18. nfreed1991

    Chances of my Bronco arriving early?

    Hi all! Soon to be Bronco Big Bend owner! Ordered by dealer 7/10 Production 8/30 Built 8/31 Shipped 9/2 Delivery Estimate btwn 10/2-10/8 I'm picking up in NJ and literally CANNOT wait haha. What are the odds of my bronco being delivered early? Also I still can't find it on...
  19. aKaClamp

    2021 Bronco Sport Big Bend with Aeroskin II Textured Added

    Just added the Aeroskin II textured from Ford Accesories the other day. I think it gives it a more aggressive look in the front with the added bonus of less bugs and rock chips. I liked the textured because it matches all the moldings and it’s flush mount. Anyone else have it? Thoughts or Opinions?
  20. tshaw03

    Lift/Additional Support for BS Badlands/FE (Please Read This Aftermarket Engineers and Vendors)

    So it seems to me that the aftermarket is almost exclusively focusing on the big Bronco, and due to that, we aren't getting all the mods and aftermarket support we were promised when these were released. There are already aftermarket rock sliders for the big Bronco, Nudge bars, bumpers, 2"+...