1. tshaw03

    HRG 1.25" Lift vs. Woolworth Motorsports 1.25" Lift (Badlands) (1.5" For Other Trims)

    So I'm running into a little bit of a conundrum here. Another company based out of North Carolina (HRG Engineering) has developed and released a 1.25" level-lift kit (which includes sway-bar end links, sub-frame spacers, camber bolts, etc.) for the Bronco Sport Badlands which is the same amount...
  2. tshaw03

    Mission Accomplished!

    Mission Accomplished: 1. Decals, ✔ 2. Tires, ✔3. Thule HD Cross-bars, ✔ 4. Roof Rack, ✔ 5. Tire Deflators, ✔ 6. Portable Air Compressor, ✔ 7. Colorado Trail Running Week of Labor Day, ABSOLUTELY! P.S. I thought that the U-Bolts that came with my rack were too short................. I'm actually...
  3. Offroad Travels

    @Outbound Exploration Bronco Sport Build & Trail Pics

    Badlands Shadow Black, owned since January (just broke 18k miles, most of which offroad) Here's our build, feel free to follow our adventures on Instagram (@Outbound Exploration)🙌 We host trailmeetups and trail drives in Southern CA, and Utah. Hope to meet y'all soon! Tires: 225/65/17 -...
  4. Offroad Travels

    California Badlands Stock OEM Wheels for Sale (4)

    Located in Southern CA (we're based near Los Angeles), willing to meet within reasonable range. SOLD🔥
  5. tshaw03

    New Decals Installed Along With Coming Items

    Some updated pics with my new window decals, cyber orange lettering, and my new personalized plates. I have the Thule HD crossbars ordered from my dealership and a MaxxHaul basket on its way that I will be sealing and bedlining to weatherproof it. I'm will also be lifting and putting bigger...
  6. tshaw03

    Lift/Additional Support for BS Badlands/FE (Please Read This Aftermarket Engineers and Vendors)

    So it seems to me that the aftermarket is almost exclusively focusing on the big Bronco, and due to that, we aren't getting all the mods and aftermarket support we were promised when these were released. There are already aftermarket rock sliders for the big Bronco, Nudge bars, bumpers, 2"+...
  7. Door speakers not working?

    I had a weird experience with my door speakers just completely not working yesterday in my badlands. I drove an hour to New York from Connecticut with the speakers working fine, but on my drive home I noticed the speakers in both driver and passenger doors were not on at all. After messing...
  8. BS Factory items for sale

    Yakima HD Cross Bar kit. Car came with them at time of purchase. I sold the cargo box already so now it’s time for these to go. The kit comes with the rails, the mounts for crossbar system, and 2 keys. From the Ford website this is a $559 plus tax system. Want them off my hands so best offer...
  9. DakotaBronco

    Trip through the Badlands and Black Hills of SD with my BS FE.

    Memorial Day Weekend vacation through the SD Badlands and Black Hills with my BS FE.
  10. LilKim

    Badlands offroad, Cashes Valley (GA) video

    First time @ Cashes Valley in North GA - our dealer friend let us take one of their Badlands demos and see how she does (not gonna lie, I was nervous crossing those creeks). It was fun! Can't wait till I get mine :)
  11. Minimalistic Dash Cam for Bandlands Package

    I bought and installed a Kingslim D4 dashcam off Amazon for less than $100. It came with a front and rear camera. If your like me and don’t really like the way dash cams look in the front windshield then keep reading! I will share a video and a picture or two of how it looks. Full disclosure, if...
  12. plumbusfactoryworker

    Badlands Water Fording vs Base/Big Bend/Outerbanks Waterfording

    Does anyone know what the Badlands has on it that the Base/Big Bend/Outerbanks doesn’t? It has, according to for Ford, 6 inches more water fording capability at 23” on the Badlands vs 17” on the Base/Big Bend/Outer Banks. I’m curious if they have different door seals on the lower portion of the...
  13. playdohpy

    Brake Check Full Review of the Badlands

    Nice follow up full review from Brake Check Show in a Badlands w/Badlands Package. Liked the straightforward review, and solid production and good spacing of some neat B-roll!
  14. playdohpy

    Real-world MPG Test Badlands w/wheel upgrade

    Daily Motor testing from the video shows slightly above estimated 26 mpg of 26.5 at roughly 70mph on the highway!!
  15. Am I being played?

    Ok, stick with me here. Beginning of January: Put down a deposit with a dealership for a BS that was currently being manufactured. Was originally told that it was not a demo and would be available once it arrived. End of January: Called the dealership back for updates and they told me that...
  16. Sport mine being built yet?

    Bought a Sport, a Badlands, on January 9th but have not received an email or VIN. anyone know how to obtain such information? can’t hardly wait to get this thing but no information is driving me crazy!
  17. BagOJuice

    Any easy trails reccomended in the tri-state area?

    Picking up my Badlands this saturday, I got a few days off work next week and was interested in taking her out on some easy trails to test things out. Any beginner trails reccomended for a first time test of the Badlands in the NY/NJ/CT area?
  18. BroncoBruce21

    Alarm Triggered

    The alarm in my Badlands keeps going off, has been triggered about 8-10 times and only owned the car for 9 days. The FordPass app messages say that the hood was triggered. Took it to my local Ford dealer and they ordered and replaced the hood latch. Brought the car home and the alarm went off...
  19. Bronco Sport Badlands Tour

    Had the chance to have a Bronco Sport Badlands this weekend and it was quite impressive. Small on the outside but spacious on the inside. Badlands tour
  20. FOKKevin

    Bronco Sport Badlands in Cactus Grey Available For Test Drive @ Ford of Kirkland

    hello all, Just want to let fans in the Seattle region know that we have a Bronco Sport Badlands available for test drive. No appointment required, just drop by anytime and have some fun with this highly anticipated SUV!! Walk Around Video Size Comparison To Escape Kevin Chou - Sales and...