The Pope is in the house.....

The Pope

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Sep 9, 2019
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1977 F250/2007 Mercury Mariner/2014 Infiniti Q60x/2011 Kawasaki C14
.... well, what to say...

No, I'm not Catholic, but my name is John Pope and before you ask, No, my middle name is not Paul.... so...(in my best old Catholic Priest voice and doing the motion for The Father, Son & Holy Ghost) "ALL YOU KIDS, KEEP OFF THE GRASS!!!!!"

Born & Raised in N.C. and Proud Of It! :cool:

I'm a Designer within one of the several Applied Mechanics Groups of John Deere and get to design testing fixtures to test components and complete units for the Mowing & Utility Vehicles that we produce...... And before you ask........... No, I Can't Get You a Discount! :p

My first car (and I was going against the norm for what my family preference (Chevy) was) was a 68 Ford Mustang Coup w/289 V8. I've wanted a Bronco ever since I saw one back in the late 60's (yes, I'm a Old Guy, so to speak... mid 50's) and it's looking promising that I'll finally be able to get one. It will also most likely be my last "new" Internal Combustion Engine as well.... smh....

In closing FI Big Block V8's RULE!!!!!!!