Nokian Outpost nAT vs Milestar Patagonia AT Pro, (review?)


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Oct 10, 2021
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Thanks to the local @Discount Tire, I had hoped to make a side by video comparison between these two tires, similar to the reviews Campus Automotive does, having first confirmed, that if I ordered one of each tire and then returning both, without ever mounting either, that I would get a full refund but alas, the third person to get involved, at the end of the one week wait, said I would have to pay a $25 shipping charge for each tire, I returned, as they are special order, at this time. I had initially gone in armed with the lowest prices I could find at a retailer but it took about a week to get prices back for either one or both, as they were not in the system yet. The good news was the AT Pro, was quoted as ~$170 and the Outpost nAT only about a handful of $$ more. These were for an XL load rated, 245/65/17. I did order a second set of my AlphaEquipt Foxtrot wheels through them and Tire Rack, as they are at a slightly reduced closeout price and I could get promotional financing and 5% off with my Discount Tire credit card. I'm sorry this didn't work out but I'm not paying the $50 to return two tires, I probably wasn't going to buy at this time. I'll just hang on to to the new wheels and wait for some future tire testing by someone like or the Tire Rack.

Edit, Update 11/28 the Foxtrot wheels are now 46% off!!! Very limited supply.
Update 1/27/24 Foxtrot's had gone up but are now back down to 46% off for the grey and Black centered versions and are now $143ea. They probably won't get lower than this until they get down to single digits and possibly 3 or less.

I'm still happy with my Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T's

Example of type of review I wanted to do.

nAT on top, AT Pro on the bottom
Ford Bronco Sport Nokian Outpost nAT vs Milestar Patagonia AT Pro, (review?) 1701184442131

Ford Bronco Sport Nokian Outpost nAT vs Milestar Patagonia AT Pro, (review?) 1701183618756

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