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Aug 8, 2022
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Ontario Canada
2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands - Black
This is only my second post here in these forums and I’m hoping I get the response I’m looking for. Let me explain…in detail and I’m hoping someone can educate me as to how to make my problem no longer a problem

First off, I am in Canada. I purchased 2 new vehicles and picked them up on the same day. Both have the problem. A 22 Escape and a 22 BS Badlands. Both have relatively the same radio/screen being Sync 3. Both also have the mobile apps toggle “greyed out”. I would love to install the Alexa app but I can’t even toggle mobile apps on for either vehicle. Called the dealership….clueless. Called Ford Canada…also clueless and stated they would call me back within 48 hours…still waiting. Is Ford screwing with Canadians? They may have gotten my last dollar.

I’ve read in these forums that others have downloaded the Ford+Alexa app and installed it on their BS. Love this feature in my Chevy. I have an iPhone and don’t even see the app in the AppStore. I also have the Alexa app on my iPhone used as my hub and there is no Ford Skill to even activate and yet there is a Jeep Smart Skill, a GMC Smart Skill and many more, just nothing for Ford. Is Ford battling with Amazon in Canada because it seems as though we are shut out.

Can someone, preferably a Canadian (simply to prove it works) and no offence to my American friends please provide a step by step to 1. Toggle mobile apps, 2. find and download Ford+Alexa and 3. Get it to work so I can activate Lights and things when Getting home?

Thanks, I would appreciate it and so would Ford who obviously needs better technicians/customer support or should I switch to another brand?