1. FBSBB

    Brightlines Roof Rack Installs in Ten Minutes

    Installs quickly with the provided hex key.
  2. MDwayne

    Overhead Driver's Door Entry Assist Handle

    I have 22 Sport Big Bend and I can't count the number of times I've reached up to the inside roof of the driver's door to grab a non-existent entry handle that every other door has. It would make getting and out a bit easier. Has anyone else felt that way? Has anyone found an option for the...
  3. WunWun

    Roof Rattle

    Hi folks! I just purchased my Bronco Sort Badlands less than a week ago. Within the first 24 hours, I noticed a rattling noise in the vehicle. I searched the vehicle and found this little yellow plastic piece in the spare tire area (see pictures). This was not the source of the rattling but...
  4. Bluverish

    Roof Protection besides paint film or scotch guards etc,

    Hello, I was curious if anyone has any products that can be applied on the roof of the bronco sport for paint chip protection. I've seen a few clear coat/ PPF options but I was wondering if there's any products that offer a thicker shell. Maybe this is a wishlist of mine, but is there any...
  5. zachc275

    OMAC Roof Crossbars Review

    I recently installed OMAC's roof rack crossbars onto my BS Outer Banks. I figured I would make a post on here sharing my experience because of the difficulties I had finding suitable crossbars. If you own an OB, Badlands, or First Edition, and start shopping for crossbars, you might have...
  6. zachc275

    Bow/stern tie-down points for kayak?

    Hi all, I'm transporting a kayaking soon on my BS' roof and wanted to see if anyone could give any pointers for tying down the bow and stern. I am strapping the kayak down flat to crossbars I have installed on my roof. I plan on feeding my bow/stern straps through my kayak's handles (photo of my...