My planned exterior mods


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Jul 23, 2020
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2010 Ford Escape Limited AWD / 2005 BMW 330Ci ZHP / 2014 Mazda6 Touring
- Paint the front and back "Bronco" white lettering to dark grey or black., more like the FE. I am not a big fan of huge contrasts in a grill. Hopefully someone will make an overlay for this, like a sticker.
(I wonder if it will be possible to get a whole FE grill for a different trim - should be possible but probably just painting the letters black would a heck of a lot cheaper)
- Paint the two front tow hooks in body color (Will only look good on Cyber Orange, Alto Blue and Rapid Red, in my opinion. it would look odd with lighter colors) - small change but BIG difference in the overall look. (I am planning on Alto Blue)
- I don't know if installing step bars is an option but something I would look into... not sure of functional benefit or how it might affect the appearance. This is probably going to a be a "no" but.... just thinking about it.
- VERY lightly tinted front headlamp protection film - (Xpel, for example).
- Can the rear turn signal be converted to light amber instead of red? probably not. But will do if even possible. (EDIT: No need: Confirmed the turn signals are AMBER Leds)
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