Every Bronco Sport trim other than the Badlands kinda....sucks


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Sep 8, 2020
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Houston, Texas
09 WRX
It's going to be reduced. Pretty much the case for every competitor. How much will depend on the deflection rate of the suspension. IDK how the optional extra 1" is achieved but if just the spring rate is increased that could give a lift and the resulting higher ground clearance, plus sag less under that 800lb load.

I'd prefer a firmer vs softer ride over pavement if that meant reduced suspension compression off highway (less bottoming out). Of course there can be a lot to suspension design.

For ground clearance the minimum required for the job at hand is all that is needed. How durable longterm the vehicle is to that job is another question.
In the world of true "off-road" you'll probably have to replace parts sooner than later... and by that time I'm sure aftermarket options will be available for whatever you desire.

With that said.. I believe the 1" difference between the BL/FE vs the other trims are due to a larger 29" tire instead of the 28" tires that are standard on the other trims.

With that said.. an additional 1" lift and 31" tires makes for a nice ~12" clearance. I'll be a pretty happy camper.. (but then I'm coming from a 4" clearance so... take my happiness with a pound of sugar).