“size comparison”


Sep 23, 2020
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Here is my take. If you want a very expensive Defender to drive around town and look cool, it might be the right vehicle. However, if the "cool" vehicle breaks down in Dumas, TX with the closest part in Denver, CO (386 mi) it might not be so cool.
Good point. The irony is, 'simple and easy to fix' was a cornerstone of the classic LR. Any bushman in Africa could get you on your way...

For good or bad that time has passed for all newer vehicles. The bargain being, reliability at the cost of complexity.

Funny, we met a guy in a scenario similar to that quoted. Tavelling thru Northern Quebec we chatted with a guy who had a CEL come on and was experiencing some electronic control issue with the truck's power train. Dealer said, bring it in. Kicker was, nearest one was 940 miles ahead, or a 362 miles backtrack. That was RAM 1500. Ford had a dealer the next town over, but that could have been different in any small town.

Admittedly that was extreme but more importantly for that guy, it was his reality !

I've had pretty good luck with Fords and have a good relationship with the local dealer. Others will chose a different brand for the same good reasons.