bronco sport badlands

  1. shwamo83

    My Hiking and Overlanding Trip to Devil's Bridge and Bloody Basin Rd

    I traveled to Sedona over MLK weekend and hiked the Devils's Bridge Trail before overlanding along Bloody Basin Road. Photos attached. I would suggest this to everyone because it was absolutely stunning. PS - My X-Bull recovery boards were waiting for me when I got home so I attached...
  2. shwamo83

    My Video of the Bronco Off-Rodeo in Moab, UT - 5.28.22

    I went to take part in the Bronco Off-Rodeo in Moab over Memorial Day weekend and mounted a GoPro to the Bronco Sport Badlands I was using. Overall I came away super impressed with the capabilities of this truck. I will be taking it to other destinations very soon! Check it out and let me know...
  3. Higgspeed

    Lift, Wheels & Tires on our 2022 Badlands Bronco Sport

    Shoutout to the guys at The Custom Shop AZ (@ Sanderson Ford in Glendale, AZ) for knocking out our 1.3” Billet Lift Kit from RTR Vehicles, 17x8 RR5-V Matte Black Wheels from Relations Race Wheels and mounting and balancing the 245/70 R17 BFG All-Terrains! My wife and I love her Bronco Sport...
  4. Higgspeed

    Long time viewer, first time poster

    Figured it was time I finally join the best Bronco Sport group out there! My name is Higgins and I’m just your friendly neighborhood Bronco & Sales Specialist at Sanderson Ford. My personal 2-Door Bronco Badlands should be here later this month! But in these photos you’ll see my Wife’s Bronco...
  5. compass crusher

    Transforming A BigBend Into A BadLands

    Has anyone purchased a big bend and wish they went with the badlands like me? I've done a little research and it is possible to transform the big bend into the larger engine, manually lock 4x4 drive badlands. The only spec I didn't investigate prices on is the larger engine which I'm gonna pass...
  6. tshaw03

    Mission Accomplished!

    Mission Accomplished: 1. Decals, ✔ 2. Tires, ✔3. Thule HD Cross-bars, ✔ 4. Roof Rack, ✔ 5. Tire Deflators, ✔ 6. Portable Air Compressor, ✔ 7. Colorado Trail Running Week of Labor Day, ABSOLUTELY! P.S. I thought that the U-Bolts that came with my rack were too short................. I'm actually...
  7. I broke this part of my ford bronco sport, is there a metal option? the material is similar to cardboard ... help

    Rompí esta parte de mi ford bronco sport, ¿hay alguna opción de metal? el material es similar al cartón ... HELP
  8. tshaw03

    New Decals Installed Along With Coming Items

    Some updated pics with my new window decals, cyber orange lettering, and my new personalized plates. I have the Thule HD crossbars ordered from my dealership and a MaxxHaul basket on its way that I will be sealing and bedlining to weatherproof it. I'm will also be lifting and putting bigger...
  9. aberrationis

    Creaking Moonroof

    Anyone else have their moonroof start creaking? Originally thought it was happening more in cold weather, but seems to be more constant now. Can hear it creak/rattle going over any uneven surface.
  10. Ordering Process

    Hello! I placed a dealer order for my Badlands with Badlands package on February 13th and, I have only received an email saying that my order was confirmed. It has been about 3 three weeks and still no update. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  11. Sport mine being built yet?

    Bought a Sport, a Badlands, on January 9th but have not received an email or VIN. anyone know how to obtain such information? can’t hardly wait to get this thing but no information is driving me crazy!
  12. Bronco Sport Badlands Tour

    Had the chance to have a Bronco Sport Badlands this weekend and it was quite impressive. Small on the outside but spacious on the inside. Badlands tour