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  1. Slingy

    Trailer Warnings Buggin' Out

    Has anyone had this happen yet? I have an appointment Monday 2/12/24 to get it checked out. It started a few weeks ago after driving on wet and salty NH roads. It went away until the next time we had repeat road conditions and it came back in full force. The no touch car wash will also set this...
  2. Slingy

    Just Got Bucked In The Home Depot Parking Lot!!

    I went to Home Depot for a couple of things and found this when I returned to my vehicle. There was another BS/BB in the lot that got bucked too. Happy Holidays!!
  3. Slingy

    Two Years Ago Today

    It's hard to believe two years have gone by since picking up my Badlands. 17,200 miles later and I have zero regrets. I'm grateful that I bought it at just the right time. Being that it was built in Oct. of '21, it was probably one of the last of the model year which meant that any recalls were...
  4. Slingy

    PSA For Classic Cars

    The weather is getting nice and the classic cars are coming out. These cars put smiles on the faces of many when sharing the roadways, however, there are people who don't care what kind of car it is and they just want to get into traffic but keep in mind that the cars of yesteryear do not have...
  5. Slingy

    Special Field Action 22L05 Outraged!!!! .........NOT!!!!!

    I got a letter from Ford today explaining that I need to apply a new Vehicle Emission Control Information (VECI) Label (included in the letter) under the hood of my BS. It turns out that the label that was originally put on is missing two acronyms. After looking under the hood I found that both...
  6. Slingy

    Mystery Delivery From Ford

    I just received this mystery envelope that was delivered to me today! It came with a nice 11" x 14" black and white glossy photo of a BS/BL that had some real broncos kind of behind it and mountains in the background. It also came with a thank you letter for buying a BS/BL inviting me to the...
  7. Slingy

    Dash Cam or Action Cam?

    Hey all! Looking to get some thoughts on what works better to capture quality video for entertainment purposes as opposed to court hearings and insurance claims. I've read that dash cams can display as fish eye and I'm not sure I want that unless there is something that is adjustable. I'd like...
  8. Slingy

    New Hampshire Offroadeo For Sport In September

    Finally we're getting New Hampshire!! I didn't think it would happen! As much as I'd like to go to on of the other sites I'd prefer to be able to drive there without the additional expense of airfare and lodging. Plus, living in New England, this will train me and any others in this region how...
  9. Slingy

    How do you park a Bronco Sport?

    Any way you want!!!
  10. Slingy

    Finally Some Snow!!!

    Here's a video of my BS/BL on an unplowed road in a state forest in Ma. Normally this road is gated shut. I was happily surprised to see the gates opened and had the opportunity to take my new car on some freshly fallen snow. The tracks seen in the video are from my first pass through the road...
  11. Slingy

    Hello and Thanks.

    Hello everyone!! Thanks for putting a forum together for us. I'm picking up my '21 Badlands in Rapid Red and black tomorrow. I figured now that it's official I better sign up for the Bronco Sport Forum. I'm so excited to be in my new vehicle and happy there's a forum where we can all share...