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  1. SgtT11B

    For those of us who has a Ford Performance ProCal tool, you can adjust tire diameter as well as read DTC codes.

    Just an FYI, Ford Performance told me that my Mustang ProCal tool should be able to do this on the Bronco Sport. Sure enough, plugged it in and it let me access that menu as well as able to read for any DTC codes. I didn't try anything else.
  2. SgtT11B

    Good video regarding tranny fluid changes

    Read some of the comments, 66k mile BS with 66k miles had to have the tranny replaced.
  3. SgtT11B

    Just wanted to wish you all Happy New Year from Japan

    I am here for 3 weeks with my family. Happy New Year to my Bronco Sport Brethern!! It's tradition to get up early and watch the new sunrise Enoshima Japan @0645HRS and Mt. Fuji.
  4. SgtT11B

    Cobb Tuning has a CARB tune kit for 2.0 Bronco Sport Badlands

    Cobb Tuning I have used Cobb before on my Fiesta ST in the past. The Stage one kits are mild and add about 30-40hp and equal amount of torque while firming up the transmission a tad. Just an FYI
  5. SgtT11B

    Bronco Sport ranks 3rd in JD Power Initial Quality Study
  6. SgtT11B

    Opinion on 20mm spacer on BS BL with 245/65/17 Falken AT3s

    Any issues with this, rubbing etc?
  7. SgtT11B

    My 1st mod!!! 25th ID and my whop wings

    25th ID and my whop whop wings
  8. SgtT11B

    Is Ford Performance ever going to offer a lift kit for the BS BL?

    Inquiring minds want to know...
  9. SgtT11B

    Whats your guys feeling on 255/65/17 on OEM Badland wheels.

    From my understanding it is 30.1 " tall. I wish it was on a 7.5" wheel, but I love the Badland wheels...could be pinched a tad to much.
  10. SgtT11B

    2 horses in my stable

    Love my Steeds
  11. SgtT11B

    Anyone go with the RTR lift kit?

    I like the fact it only lifts the Badlands 1.3" and I like the minimalist design. Any review of them from forum members?
  12. SgtT11B

    Anyone do the Off-Rodeo? Just got confirmed and would love to attend tis.

    Please let me know your experience.
  13. SgtT11B

    Considering getting this tune from Livernois. Its 50 state CARB legal.

    I had one of their tunes on my 2017 Ford Escape. I was very pleased with it. It did increase horsepower quite a bit, but more importantly it let the transmission be more performance oriented. I think that was the greatest attribute. Livernois Motorsport tune
  14. SgtT11B

    California Sold: Any interest in new take off Falken WildPeak AT/3W.

    They are off of my 2022 BS BL. Just 600 miles on them. They are still on the vehicle. I am considering moving on to the BFG TA KO2;s RWL.
  15. SgtT11B

    Why no more speed limit on the Sync Nav map?

    My 2020 Mustang GT and my former 2020 Ford Escape Titanium had the posted speed limit on the map. Not on my BS BL. I looked in the settings of the map and nav to no avail.
  16. SgtT11B

    What a difference 91 octane makes in the 2.0 motor.

    My previous family vehicle was a Ford Escape Titanium (2020) with the 2.0 engine. The Badlands has the same engine, I was shocked how lethargic it felt vs. the Escape. My dealer told me they only put 87 octane in the car. My FE always had 91, drove the BS until just about empty. Filled her...
  17. SgtT11B

    My 2022 BS Badlands doesn't have an engine cover?

    Did they forget something before I engage the dealer?