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    Sirius Travelink and Ford Sync

    I managed to resolve an issue with my Factory Nav today. This might be informational for other owners with factory Nav or potential buyers deciding if they want the option. New Ford vehicles come with (I think?) a 3 month subscription to the Sirius music. Maybe 6 month? There is also a 5 year...
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    Radio inputs / media sources

    Is the limit of the factory headunit AM / FM / Sirius / USB / Bluetooth? Any other Aux plugs or input sources available via Forscan? Related: Does anyone that has torn down the interior or pulled the dash know where the coaxial XM antenna wire runs in the car? I would assume it goes under the...
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    Bronco Sport flipping is about to end

    Say goodbye to all the people flipping BB and OB for more than they paid. All other cars too. This can only pressure dealers to drop the added markups and overall increase the available units.
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    Guy tries first hamburger

    These guys are so focused on the burgers, they missed the FE in the background.
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    Not enough de-badging

    Of all the crazy car news. I guess people that ordered a BS are lucky we have a solo oval.
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    Northwest Bronco Roundup

    Here's a small photo dump. Ended up that we were really the only Bronco Sport hanging out. This is an annual event so they will be back again in about a year and they loved seeing a Sport out doing stuff. You can keep track at There's a bunch of on-road events...
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    Top 5 places bugs on the Bronco

    These little flier die-ers have uncanny accuracy when aiming for my Bronco. Top 5 most popular spots are: On/in the grille's top 3 rows of faux vents. (Badlands style) The headlight gap between the lens and the body by the Easter Egg bronco. The BRONCO letters especially the interior of the B...
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    New threat to the black plastic

    Noticed this spot(s) today after doing a suds wash. Something ate the black finish off the A pillar down to white plastic. Only these spots in this photo. I don't use ammonia window cleaner because of the tint. The only other thing I can think of is the washer fluid. The spots are like where the...
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    Will TPMS automatically relearn or require reprogramming when rotating tires?

    As my Sport is just about to click 8,000 miles I am planning to rotate the tires. Does anyone know if the TPMS used in BS will automatically relearn the new position, or if there is a procedure, where to find it? The Owner Manual managed to find space to tell me not to touch the battery...
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    Concept for 3D print?

    I really wish the rear hatch logo was just 3M taped on like everything else. Why oh why did Ford make the blue oval the one and only piece of trim that is pinned and recessed!? This makes removal or modification a huge challenge. I can't even get the badge itself back to a "flat" level top...
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    Turn signals

    Just a wild idea I have been tossing around, but if someone wants to add turn signals- like a signal on the mirror, where might you tap into that harness? The headlights seem to do some sort of advanced internal switching which turns off the DRL and turns on the blinker. So is there an easy way...
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    Bad news if you're a chip.
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    Auto Start/Stop

    I know this is a controversial topic for some people, but I just want to better understand how this feature is intended to work. I know I can keep shutting it off or disable it. For those people that use the feature, how does it operate normally? I normally hit the button as part of my startup...
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    Accidental discovery

    This is probably already obvious to a bunch of people, but I was fiddling in the cargo area and found out that the tailgate lights operate with the gate closed and the car off. I was just grabbing through the window. Pretty handy except for the subpar switch placement.
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    Spotting other Bronco Sports

    A few days prior to my purchase, I saw one zipping the other direction on a highway. I took a short trip last Tuesday and about 1 mi from home, passed one going the other way. Did a 300 mile trip yesterday/today and passed another. That's all I've spotted so far not counting dealer lots. Silly...
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    Project O'Bronco

    This seems like a nice way to keep track of the changes as I go along and maybe share some ideas or techniques along the way. I'm the first one to admit, I like the "orange", but I think it's a hard color to love. I want to add things that add black and carbonized color to the body without just...
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    2021 v 2022

    I have a line on a 2021 BL + BL available now and on a lot. I'm not in a rush for a vehicle. I was really set on waiting for 2022MY to show up and get some more thought out option package and maybe engineering updates (like the tiny rear wiper) and the faster SYNC4. With the delays and shortages...