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  1. Whats your BS's name and why

    Yeah, when I went for personal plates for my other car I wanted 5150CAT or 918VCAT, but they were gone — ended up with HAIRBOL . . . on a ’66 Tiger
  2. Juice

    Okay, I’ll bite . . . OJ finally found the real killer — justice is served.
  3. What is your favorite cruising song?

    Yup, while I like and listen to all kinds of music (NOT rap, etc — sorry) I gravitate towards old-time country and bluegrass when I’m alone. If the wife’s along, not so much — she’s more of a disco type gal, and as they say, “Happy wife, happy life”. 👩‍❤️‍👨
  4. Took advantage of the $6500 instant rebate!!!

    Based on my experience, here in SoCal, Badlands are a “rarity”. Was at my local (small) dealer a week ago — they had about a dozen new Sports on the lot, not one Badlands. They also had about eight Mavricks, only one Tremor. Seems like every place is stocked with the “lower” (I don’t mean that...
  5. What is your favorite cruising song?

    To paraphrase a wise man, “Damn, the Beatles broke up?” :captain:
  6. Yet more evidence of cooling EV sales

    Good ol’ CA seems to be staying the course — all new cars EV by 2035, 50% next year. BS is probably my last vehicle unless I figure out how to exit.
  7. 2024 Outer Banks - Roof Cross Bars

    Just a thought, take a look at the bars from Harbor Freight (if you have one in your area). I’m kinda’ cheap and I put them on my ’21 Badlands for less than $100. They’ve held up well in the CA sun. They do hang out past the side rails, but with a little effort you could shorten them up during...
  8. What is this?

    Somebody smarter than me will chime in, but it looks like one of the under hood sealing pieces to me.
  9. Whats your BS's name and why

    Oh, I forgot — named my BS Gray Ghost on Fordpass (Carbon Gray, but that’s not the whole story).
  10. Whats your BS's name and why

    Okay, okay — no Linda Lovelace jokes please . . .
  11. What is your favorite cruising song?

    “Mrs. Robinson” in a top-down ‘66 Tiger (sorry, never had an Alfa — at least not yet)
  12. Top Tier Fuel

    I normally run 87, and have for years (except in the Tiger). Last three tanks I’ve put 93 in (Costco for sure) and I have to admit it seems to run a little better. Then, again, the way I drive who cares??
  13. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Changed a tire on my BS! April Fools on me . . . picked up a dry wall screw in l/r tire which went from 36lbs to 20 lbs in a block. Decided instead of AAA to put on spare myself just to make sure I had the knowledge and tools to do the job, rather than figure it out at night in the rain. It all...
  14. Cactus Grey is not cactus grey....

    Or . . . Chameleon :clap:
  15. Liveronis Tuners on Sale

    I would say “YES” indeed
  16. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! ?

    Welcome Chris, and all who’ve posted and joined the group. Good luck to you all
  17. Interesting day at the dealership.

    Think my comment was taken the wrong way by some. I have no complaint with the salesman’s lack of knowledge . . . The dealership hadn’t even seen a BS prior to mine. They didn’t get their showroom “display only” models until two weeks after mine was delivered — that makes it hard for the sales...
  18. Interesting day at the dealership.

    Hey, the day I picked my BS BL up in 03/21 no one at the dealership had even seen a BS in person (mine was the first one delivered to them). Salesman handed me the keys and said, “I’m supposed to tell you all about it, but you know more than me . . . so good luck and enjoy”. Came home and read...
  19. Anyone receive their Free Wheeling Bronco Sport yet?

    Put mine on about three weeks ago in the evening. Took me about 40 minutes laying across the door jam, straining to get them seated. My bruised ribs are now getting to where I can touch them and sit without a pillow to prop up on ! 😬💩💩
  20. Would you trade in the Sport for the Big Bronco? Why or why not??

    I agree . . . this just may be my last car, especially the way CA is “electrifying” everything.