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  1. sajohnson

    CR: Bronco Sport one of "Most Satisfying" SUVS

    Compact SUVs: "Most Satisfying: 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime, 2022 Hyundai Tucson, and 2022 Ford Bronco Sport" (May be a paywall):
  2. sajohnson

    Do You Really Need AWD? Settling The Winter Tire Debate (Good video)

    This YouTube channel is very good. The guy is an engineer and does a very good job of researching and explaining things. In this video he compares summer/all-season/winter tires, and FWD/RWD/AWD: Very useful info.
  3. sajohnson

    5W-30 API-SP motor oil list (with notes/links)

    The oil below all complies with Ford's warranty requirements for the 2.0L engine. Most mfrs also make a 0W-20 API-SP that complies with Ford's warranty requirements for the 1.5L: Quote from Ford: ""We recommend Motorcraft motor oil for your vehicle. If Motorcraft oil is not available, use...
  4. sajohnson

    Is there a way to report DIY oil changes to Ford?

    I searched but could not find an answer -- is there a way to report/document oil changes to Ford? With previous vehicles I've just saved the old oil filters. Unless they are black, I write the date and mileage at installation on the filter, and when a filter is removed I put it in the box the...
  5. sajohnson

    How To Use Your FordPass Reward Points for Accessories

    I've been trying to figure out if FordPass points can be used to buy Ford accessories online. This YouTube video from Ford Accessories says yes: However, when I go to the Ford website, I see no way to do that: So I called our dealership...
  6. sajohnson


    Does anyone have Curt Hitch Basket (P/N VM1PZ19J353A)? You can see it here: I've been looking for something to spend our points on, and this is looking like a good option. That is, unless people do not like...
  7. sajohnson

    Dirt, leaves; etc., trapped between fender liner and fender.

    We live in the woods and usually park the BL in the garage, but when it's been left outside I noticed that a lot of what falls on the windshield and slides down by the wipers ends up on the fender liners and it slides down where the liner meets the fender and the plastic encapsulated foam that's...
  8. sajohnson

    Resting Battery voltage high -- 12.89V

    Just curious -- most 12 volt flooded lead-acid batteries settle around 12.67 to 12.70 volts a couple hours after being fully charged. Has anyone else measured close to 12.9 volts -- after the battery has been off the charger for a few hours? BTW, that 12.89V was 2 days after disconnecting the...
  9. sajohnson

    Last minute ADM/ransom demands on delivery of ordered BS

    Tim Bartz at Long McArthur Ford in Salina, Kansas has been putting some helpful videos on YouTube. This one is very good: "Episode 37: Dealer Markups on Orders - What Can We Learn from Each Other" That should be queued to the beginning of the segment on legal extortion. One thing Tim says...
  10. sajohnson

    FordPass is watching you! Reporting your speed, G-forces, etc.

    Beware of "FordPass". Our salesman really pushed it, and now I know why. By using it you give Ford permission to Hoover up a LOT of data. Data that could be used against you by law enforcement; your MVA/DMV; your insurance company; and/or Ford...
  11. sajohnson

    Picked up BS BL today. Dealer claimed $1,000 order incentive did NOT apply to Bronco Sport!

    Both the salesman and the finance guy *insisted* that we were not eligible for the $1,000 credit. The salesman had a Ford page open on his PC that listed eligible and ineligible vehicles. The print was so small that I couldn't read it. He saw that the "Bronco SUV" was ineligible and said that...
  12. sajohnson

    Are there fees for Ford Motor Credit loans?

    I searched but couldn't find anything. Are there fees associated with getting a loan at a Ford dealer? I've left messages for the finance dept. at our dealer but haven't heard back.
  13. sajohnson

    Price increase coming for some models on Feb 15 -- Bronco Sport apparently NOT affected (this time)

    I have an internal memo from Ford to "All Dealers" announcing a price increase on 2/15. Vehicles listed are: 2022-models: Mustang Escape Edge Explorer F150 Super Duty If you know anyone interested in one of those vehicles you might give them a heads-up. The new prices are not listed...
  14. sajohnson

    3+ Transmission oil coolers for BS?

    I've been watching BS BL reviews on YouTube. It's common to have them mention that the PTU on the Badlands is water cooled. However, several have mentioned that the BL has an oil (ATF) cooler for the transmission -- as if it's model specific. Every vehicle with an auto trans has a cooler for...
  15. sajohnson

    Anyone having trouble reading posts?

    No matter which thread I go to, the post boxes show up but they are empty, or just have a few jumbled-up characters. Anyone else having this problem? Any advice on how to fix it?
  16. sajohnson

    what type of upholstery is used along with the leather on the premium package seats?

    I posted this in an existing thread but didn't get an answer: * Which surfaces on the seats are leather? * What is used on the surfaces that are not leather? * Can you tell if it's *real* (top grain) leather? The reason I ask is that these days everything from furniture to shoes to handbags...
  17. sajohnson

    What happened to the Ebony/Area 51 interior option for the Badlands??

    As of today, the "Area 51" interior is still listed as an available option for the Badlands on Ford's webpage: This past Friday we were told by our salesman that Area 51 is no longer available. It occurred to me that he might have been just...
  18. sajohnson

    Good Advice on Factory Orders from KBB / Order price locked in?

    I just read this article and realized I should have read it before ordering our Badlands 2 days ago: From the article: "Sign the paperwork and get copies. When satisfied with the price, sign the buyer’s order, and get the sales manager...