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  1. Winds of Change

    I did a thing

    The wheeling bug has bitten hard Obx with Hi/lux package oh and SASQUATCH.
  2. Winds of Change


  3. Winds of Change

    Bumper idea

    This might be worth saving up for and having made.
  4. Winds of Change

    Roof rail angle

    Is there a reason the top of the roof rail is angled up? Just curious as I was looking at it to maybe plan a diy rack.
  5. Winds of Change

    Stained plastic.

    Has anyone else had this happen? Both sides. It only goes to a car wash. My other sport has no issues with the stock pieces.
  6. Winds of Change

    And the winner is?

  7. Winds of Change

    A real page turner: Owner's Manual

    Sombody here gave some great advice one time that answers a lot of the questions asked. So I think the time has come to mention it again. Read the owners manual. Boring yes. A page turner maybe not. But informative. I even did it.
  8. Winds of Change

    This could have replaced the 4runner
  9. Winds of Change

    Let Ford know we want more mods options

    Thus is just a push to drum up some support for the mods some want. Ford support the Bronco Sport. We need support like this.
  10. Winds of Change

    JCR Engine Skid Plate - feedback / review?

    Has anyone bought this skid plate? Do the openings actually line up well and allow the oil to drain without catching on it? Sometimes things look great in concept and I just was wondering if it functions well in actual use. I have a Badlands with the 2.0. Does it allow adequate room to get in...
  11. Winds of Change

    Shawnee National Forest in Badlands Bronco Sport

    Like when I had a muscle car and just wanted to race. I just want to get it dirty.
  12. Winds of Change

    Badlands Off Road Park Attica, IN

    I live about 3 hours away. I know there are some of you that are about the same distance or so. Is anyone interested in doing a meet up this summer sometime for a Bronco Sport Takeover fun day? I am in with the Chicagoland Broncos. They are who I went with the last time. I am sure some of them...
  13. Winds of Change

    JCR on the way.

    Well I have the HRG skid plate and ditch light brackets installed. After much thought I purchased the JCR set up. I have the engine, 2 belly pans and the rock sliders ordered. I also bought the console Molle panels. The production lead time is gonna kill me lol. I figured since I joined up with...
  14. Winds of Change

    Good article on the Bronco Sport
  15. Winds of Change

    Precious metals

    Are they nucking futz? $77...
  16. Winds of Change

    Usb lights

    2023 owners. Does the usb port under the hvac controls light up? On my 2021 they do. On my 2023 they do not. Do I have a defect?
  17. Winds of Change

    JCR Sliders

    It looks as the JCR rock sliders have a mounting bracket that is vertical. Does it seem to anyone else that it may get hung up on stuff as opposed to sliding past or over it? Or am I over thinking it? I want their skid plates and unsure if I want to have to modify it for the Go Rhino sliders...