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  1. roboto65

    Auto Highbeam

    Well was coming home the other night from going out to eat and had a glitch/not glitch in the auto highbeam. Not my fault or Fords honestly but was out at night and the person in front of me in a van had no tail lights at all. So my auto high beams went nuts flashing the back of the van every...
  2. roboto65

    Will idling charge battery?

    I assume not, but wanted to check since the Ford Pass app has a scheduled start button. The reason I ask is I am a Tugboat Capt and I park my BS at our office parking area which is a field :cwl: . I am gone for 2 weeks at a time but this time I am going to be gone for 5 weeks this time not off...
  3. roboto65

    Oil loss 2023 BS BB

    Putting this at the front this is not an ALARM post this is probably a fluke and they are jumping right on it. Ok figured I would make my own thread about this. Anyhow I picked my BS BB 9/18/2023 it had 2060 miles on it, it was a loaner I guess. I sat around the dealer while they serviced it...
  4. roboto65

    Sirrus XM on Sync and wired Android Auto

    I have a question about Sirrus XM and Android auto. I have Sirrus XM included in my BS BB . My question is is there a way to modify or change a setting that will allow my maps off my Android and the Sirrus XM on the Sync to be on the same screen? Because right now they are 2 different...