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  1. wessermgm

    2.0l engine exhausted commodity

    This. Go check any dealer lot. There is a ton of Sports. Now that the overall market shifted towards buyers, the production schedule for dealer orders was probably too high at the price point Ford intended towards the end of last year. Now they are having to bust out incentives and dealer...
  2. wessermgm

    So my granddaughter's Jeep Rubicon battery died

    I believe it. I think that Ford has a battery management issue on the Sport, possibly restricted to the 1.5L (not sure if the program is different for the 2.0L). I check the state of charge on the battery basically daily and I have never seen such wild fluctuations on the state of charge. I...
  3. wessermgm

    2025 Bronco Sport Spotted

    Ask anyone with a 2024 F-150 order how that is working. Not a single 2024 has been delivered yet almost two full months into 2024. Ford's production schedule is getting all out of whack.
  4. wessermgm

    CR: Worst Car Deals

    Yeah, that seems more like a popularity list to me. They also drill down to trim level. Like they list the Maverick XL Hybrid as a bad deal. That is likely because does not make many XL Hybrids. They make a crap ton of XLT Hybrids, which you can find at MSRP. They also make more Lariat Hybrids...
  5. wessermgm

    Falken Wildpeak AT/4W Tires Review After 500 Miles

    Maybe go ahead and buy a set of 4 and stash em? I would consider it but mine only have 2,500 miles on them. Got at least 3 years before new tires. Don't want to store them that long.
  6. wessermgm

    Tire store refuses to mount tires

    DT will always take good care of you and they know what sizes fit. Also, off road shops like 4 Wheel Parts not only will put larger tires on your ride, they will convince you to do so.
  7. wessermgm

    Raptor Lights installed on Big Bend

    Looks great! You install the RC nudge bar?
  8. wessermgm

    Seems to be a lot of battery issues on BS models

    Many suspect that with the F150 issues it is related to OTA software updates that are very common there. I think performing a BMS reset after an OTA is helpful. However, that wouldn't be the cause of the problems with the Sport. Maybe it is just bad OEM batteries, just seems like multiple Ford...
  9. wessermgm

    Seems to be a lot of battery issues on BS models

    I am a Ford guy, pretty well always have been. My DD is an F150 Platinum and I am pretty active on the F15014th Gen forum. There is an explosion of battery management threads and complaints on that forum. The issues over there predate the onset of winter, much the same as over here. Perhaps the...
  10. wessermgm

    Outer Banks on 'Material Hold?'

    There is something on your order that is constrained. Typically "material hold" is usually an optional add such as fender flares or splash guards.
  11. wessermgm

    Ford recalls cars with 1.0L engine.

    Seems pretty obvious the only reason they are doing so is the discovery of the defect's origins by the NHTSA. Ford was already subject to a class action on this and did nothing. Took the Feds to get involved. Not saying it was planned obsolescence, but let's not act like Ford really stepped up...
  12. wessermgm

    Collision with Deer - 20k in repairs

    My first thought was that you can get a 2023 BB for $29,000 brand new in this market. With 7k miles, I would assume it would get appraised at around $25k. I can't believe they aren't gonna total it.
  13. wessermgm

    Falken introduces the NEW A/T4W

    That's how it is looking.
  14. wessermgm

    2025 Bronco Sport prototype's tires are Goodyear Wrangler Territory AT tires

    If these are replacing the Wildpeaks, then boo. If these are replacing the worthless Contis, then hooray.
  15. wessermgm

    Vroom buy price on my BS

    My point being, if dealers are selling OBXs new for $32k, that $26.5K offer from Vroom doesn't sound that bad. Most of us bought when the Sport was still somewhat supply limited. The crap interest rates coupled with the loss of the new novelty factor has created a glut of Sports. Heck, new Big...
  16. wessermgm

    Vroom buy price on my BS

    They aren't going to get $36k for a used OBX. Prices on the Sport have straight up collapsed. Plenty of dealers have new OBXs for less:
  17. wessermgm

    Desert Sand 2024 Bronco Sport Badlands delivered

    The Hermosillo plant is clearly Ford's most efficient. My BS only took 3 months to build.
  18. wessermgm

    Even when you shut the hood

    If you wait long enough (14 days) the Sport will go into Deep Sleep Mode and all of those sounds will go away as it will shut off all electrical function. Apparently, absent that, it is never really "off" completely. It can also go into Deep Sleep Mode if it gets too cold outside or the battery...
  19. wessermgm

    Review: I got the chance to sit in one!

    I own a 2023 BB. For what I need out of the Sport, the 1.5L is a fine engine. It runs smooth enough. There is plenty of power generated by the engine (181 HP) considering the size of the vehicle. I've had it about 6 months now, and I am pleased with it. I like the 28 mpg I get from it as well...