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  1. Tigger

    Not long for this world

    You’re a good man @Mark S. Thank you for representing the forum community so well.
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    Summer "Only" Tire Recommendations

    From what you are describing and my reading of so many threads, I think you will be directed to BFG Trail Terrains. Here is one of the threads that may assist but if you search those tires, you’ll get a lot of varying opinions...
  3. Tigger

    Has anyone installed flares AND flaps?

    If you do a search for flares and mud flaps, you’ll see several threads saying the front mud flaps need to be trimmed but not the back ones. Here may be a good one with pictures:
  4. Tigger

    Tire width question

    I added 20 mm wheel spacers. I like the look of the stance and the driving of it widened more than just a wider tire. And I have the bushwacker flares so it looks good because they’d look even more recessed.
  5. Tigger

    Jeep sales are down 34% and prices are up 61% since 2018.

    They did not directly state it but they did imply my thought about the Jeep (and the full Bronco). When you get to the people that want to buy vehicles at $60k+ you are competing too much with people that are used to driving luxury vehicles and cannot adjust to the ride quality. So if you...
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    Washington State bill could lead to ban on "durable" tires

    I am in Seattle right now and here are two problems: 1) we’ve been driving from Portland,OR and through a lot of Washington. Two things that have been non-stop are hills/mountains and rain. I prefer a high-resistant (aka:safe) tire in these conditions. 2) there are a lot of electric and...
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    The WAIT IS OVER!!! Ford Bronco Sport Pillar Graphics

    Here’s a picture from tonight. Look great even late!
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    The WAIT IS OVER!!! Ford Bronco Sport Pillar Graphics

    I’m sorry about my photo skills but I hope one of these pictures help. I had them installed by a local company. The owner is a friend and he just got trained in PPF, although he’s been customizing vehicles for years. It took him 2 hours, so cost $150, and he was very impressed with...
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    No Snowstorm

    And there was some snow too! :giggle:
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    The WAIT IS OVER!!! Ford Bronco Sport Pillar Graphics

    I’ll admit my expectations were high. And I’ll admit I’m easily disappointed. But wow, what a great product and great company! I had the PPF and graphic applied. I messed up my order but Underground Graphics worked with me to get it right. Much appreciated! And here is the finished...
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    TFL: Bronco Sport Heritage Limited vs RAV4 TRD Off-Road

    I’m not sure what is meant here and I do not feel like arguing but I disagree mostly due to these two simple facts: 1) a new Badlands with all the equipment, cost more 2) a used Badlands with all the equipment, costs more Let me explain #2 with my recent experience. Our local dealership was...
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    Low Resistantance Tires

    I agree that thinner sidewall and less-traction are not what most of us are seeking, but OP question is interesting. Since there is no real definition of what qualifies as a low resistant tire, many articles, like on tire discount site, have claimed the tires that come with a vehicle are often...
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    Parts needed until 100k

    I’m not trying to hijack a thread but I find this so exciting I must say: You are the coolest person I’ve never met!
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    Parts needed until 100k

    Well, to be fair, it’s not much of a compliment. Everyone is smarter than Tigger! :crazy:
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    Parts needed until 100k

    I was going to say the same in that a full size matching spare would be needed along with extra simple things like windshield wipers. And I will wait until @Mark S. responds as he is more well traveled and smarter than me but I’d be considered about things like local places having the correct...
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    Bushwacker Fender Flares U-Clips

    How did this work for you? I also lost some clips but no fault of Buswhacker as me and tree became good friends. But yes, called company and they are sending new clips and Ford is doing the reinstall and checking the other clips. All for free, so that’s real nice.
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    New Year - New Vehicle

    It’s beautiful already. Can’t wait to see it after your mods!
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    Newbie looking at a BS with some questions.

    1. The Heritage is 1.5 (based on Big Bend and Outer Banks) and the Heritage Limited is 2.0 (based on Badlands). There were 1,966 Limited made and were to be sold in 2023 and 2024 model years but they sold them all in 2023. Thus, you would need to buy used. 2. Honestly, the best way to improve...
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    Open House local Overland and Offroad Shop in CT

    Yep, I do not know why I had added that here. I was responding to someone that PMed me and it was a multi-tasking fail. My bad!