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  1. Ford Pass Vehicle Status Alert

    While not that exact message, i've had times where the app was non responsive. Has it been going on for a long time? If not, It could be something at Ford's end at the moment. I usually give it some time, try again later in the day, and then it's fine...
  2. Outer Banks on 'Material Hold?'

    Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Outer Banks on 'Material Hold?'

    Wasn’t bitchin’ and moanin’… just relating the situation as it exists in our area. If anything it pushes us to do more with fewer employees so… no skin off my nose. If anything, it benefits those that do care to work. Either way, the consumer finds our products on the shelves when they want them.
  4. Muffled Rattling in rear BigBend Passenger side panel

    I think I read a similar situation and it turned out to be the “cab vent” that lets air escape when you close your doors, back hatch, etc…. The flap that (I’m guessing) helps to keep critters out, starts vibrating at certain speeds. Could be wrong, but I seem to recall that. (My BS does...
  5. Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking

    I've had my pre-collision go off 3x in 5k miles.... i'd say only once was sorta legit (at least i understand WHY it went off) the other 2... no idea why but it sure does startle you when it happens! The one i feel was understandable was on a very sharp 90 degree turn... As i got into the 90...
  6. Outer Banks on 'Material Hold?'

    I would have to disagree on the staffing problems. It's not easy trying to hire someone capable... and i've heard it from people in just about every sector, from basic manufacturing, to retail to professional services. From personal experience lately, i'd tend to agree with them.
  7. What are y'all doing for a phone mount?

    While i've considered a proper mount, mine goes in a cupholder or on the charger. I don't have much need for my phone while driving, day to day. If i need navigation, i just plug into the USB and then everything is up on the big screen.
  8. Is the end nigh for Ford's EVs?

    No need to worry... i'm sure there will be a bailout somewhere in the future. It's only money...
  9. Ford CEO ties bonuses to quality.

    That transition has been nearly 30 years in the making (the first Prius was in.... 1997?) but i totally agree with you on Toyota being smart in their strategy. I would have no hesitation in purchasing a hybrid. A full-on EV? No thank you. Between the stunning lack of charging infrastructure...
  10. Help with horn beeping on exit when running

    I found this annoying also. Happens when I grab the mail upon coming home from work. If I leave the drivers door open, the horn doesn’t sound.
  11. Ford pushing EVs hard?

    Honestly, i have no interest in an EV.... i just don't feel like we're "there" yet. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a hybrid vehicle. Considering a Maverick hybrid for my wife (she's a pickup truck fan) but that particular vehicle would sit unused for a month or two, a few times a year and...
  12. BS / iPhone oddities

    I should add that my phone was not attached via USB cable... it was a Bluetooth connection. I've not run into any issues when connected by USB.... but then again, i don't make a ton of calls either.
  13. BS / iPhone oddities

    Had a strange one yesterday. I was on a call while in my BS (via iPhone). All going smoothly using hands free calling. The call ended the other party hung up (before i was able to) but on the BS's info screen, the the call was still active. I was unable to disconnect the call using the...
  14. BEWARE OF PTU and REAR DIFF OIL LEVEL from the factory !

    i'd have to agree with you on that.
  15. BEWARE OF PTU and REAR DIFF OIL LEVEL from the factory !

    This seems to be sort of a Mickey Mouse setup… Maybe there is one, but I just don’t see the reason behind that. Seems to be a bit of hubris on Ford’s part to deem an owner unfit to have access to simple fill and drain plugs.. and even more so to expect that every transmission and PTU will...
  16. A brand divided?

    I'm also very satisfied with my Bronco Sport (Heritage) however there is no chance i'd do anything more than very mild trails with it. The BS is far more car-like than truck-like. Even with the 4 cyl. and the upgraded transmission, i just don't feel like i'd be confident doing the same type...
  17. Very Strong Exhaust Smell Inside Cabin 2023 Bronco Sport Big Bend 13k miles

    Good luck and hope that your dealer gets you squared away quickly and addresses all your questions. I've had a pretty strong smell of exhaust and or brakes on a couple of occasions but chalked it up to the vehicle in front of me burning oil or having brake problems since i could find no issues...
  18. Outer Banks on 'Material Hold?'

    Yeah.... being in manufacturing myself... things are NOT back to "normal" and honestly, i wonder if they ever will be. My guess is no, not anytime soon. We have a few suppliers (spare parts, components, etc..) that are into minimal inventory levels and "Lean Manufacturing", etc... Yeah, it...
  19. Ford App Stranded Me!

    I've had the FordPass app fail to send a remote start to the car every now and then so, that's a little inconvenient. I've also had it tell me it failed to start the car, only go go out and find that it was, in fact, running. Happens more often than i would expect... Am I correct in...
  20. Does your Dragon clatter more in the cold?

    Definitely more clatter in the cold. I appreciate the remote start, give it a minute or two to get settled and drive it pretty easily as it warms up.... which can take some time.