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  1. rocks

    So my granddaughter's Jeep Rubicon battery died

    A month ago the Jeep battery went dead. He called AAA and they jumped it or changed the battery. My son in law didn't want to tell me but when he asked if the Wrangler has this problem, he said a few but the small Broncos Wow. They are the #1 by far. LOL. I don't worry about the battery...
  2. rocks

    Remote features disabled to preserve battery

    Odd the system doesn't read the battery correctly because my BS is on a battery tender and is at full charge. The computer must be only on a vehicle inactive timer.
  3. rocks

    Vroom buy price on my BS

    Not selling but was just curious about the BS value for trade in or buy. No number was given by Carvana and Carmax. They want to see it. I sold my last couple of vehicles to Carvana and Carmax which were a higher number than the dealers. The value from Vroom for my OBX with options and 2200...
  4. rocks

    I'd love to see Toyota...

    bring the FJ Cruiser back. I always liked it but somehow never bought it.
  5. rocks

    Even when you shut the hood

    Even after the BS is sitting for a while with the hood open., when you close the hood, you hear a couple of electric component noise clicking. Very weird.
  6. rocks

    Anyone try a different battery brand?

    With the battery failure issues with Ford OEM batteries, has anyone installed a different brand. If so, any issues?
  7. rocks

    My 1400 miles trip in Outer Banks Bronco Sport review

    Got back today and I have a review of the BS. I've owned it for just over 3 months and only had 300 miles on it. During this trip, I really got the feel of it. Though I still prefer the 2.0L, the 1.5L performed very well and better than I expected. No issues with the Blue Ridge Mountains and no...
  8. rocks

    Full size Broncos around by me

    About 90% of the ones seen here are light blue. All with the canvas top. I don't like the look of that model. I prefer a hard top. The light blue is way too common color if I were ever to go full size. I saw a white OBX two door that was sooooo nice.
  9. rocks

    I'm thinking about changing the stock battery to a AGM type battery

    All these battery issues (especially in the 1.5L) have me thinking about going to an AGM battery before possible issues. No guarantee the issue won't happen with an AGM battery but it seems virtually no issues with the AGM. It's a terrible feeling knowing the issues the stock battery has in many...
  10. rocks

    Ordered the deleted pencil holder

    The deleted pencil holder bothered me. So, I found an online Ford parts site OEM Parts Online that didn't hit you over the head with a crazy shipping charge and I bit. Part Number Part Name Price Quantity Total YS4Z-19A377-CA Glove Box Door Holder $5.24 1 $5.24 Subtotal: $5.24...
  11. rocks

    AGM batteries in hot weather not good?

    According to some articles online, AGM batteries don't perform in hot weather. With that in mind would a more power capacity regular battery vs the stock battery be a better choice in a hot climate?
  12. rocks

    List the deleted items from the '21 to '23

    Engine cover Fender insulation (I do have it) I installed these deleted items on my '23. Hood insulation Side hood weatherstrips Under dash insulated panel under blower unit. I know the rear insulation piece near the firewall was deleted between 5/23-6/23. I have it with my 5/23 build but the...
  13. rocks

    Got my first ding this morning. F$%^&**&!

    An idiot in a Chevy pick up goes off the road a bit and comes back on the road and kicks up a stone that hit the roof. I heard the hit. Just ordered some shadow black touch up from Amazon. A bit of a ding too. So after a touch up, to a dent guy.
  14. rocks

    Seems to be a lot of battery issues on BS models

    I'm curious if Ford realizes that and has a better battery in the '23 model. Probably not but maybe in the '24 model. My '23 battery numbers. BEF-48H6-A 700 CCA 70Ah-C20
  15. rocks

    J&L Oil Catch Can

    Pricey but looks like a quality item and the installation is super easy. .
  16. rocks

    Catback system and axle back...

    Catback system and axle back horsepower and torque gains on the 1.5?
  17. rocks


    Shouldn't there be an antenna on this piece ? If so I'll buy a Craven stubby antenna on Amazon.
  18. rocks

    Full size spare installed - tip

    I had the spare tire face down with the standard hold down and it wasn't right to me. I'd rather have the full size spare front of the wheel up so I can check air pressure easier. The pic below is the shorter one in the Outer Banks. I had to buy the longer piece LJ6Z-17091-C Lug wrench stud for...
  19. rocks

    Anyone add dual exhaust tips?

    I wouldn't mind adding a set of something low key.