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    They have issues also
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    2023 Ford Bronco Sport Gets 0% APR Deal
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    My 2021 BL doesn't have a driver memory seat. I think they became standard in 2023. I was wondering what are your thoughts about retrofitting that feature into a 2021. Obviously, a new door panel or possibly just the upper portion, and a new switch. I don't know if the wiring would be in...
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    Saw this today. A while back a post was started about things you would like to see in future BS's. I had mentioned that a 360 degree camera view would be useful, and the new Sync 4 would be something I would like also. Maybe in 2025...
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    Interesting reading no matter what side of the fence you are on.
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    My Ford Premium Care extended warranty was not showing up on my Ford Pass app. It was shown by my dealer under my Vin #. I called the Ford pass phone number and got the issue resolved pretty quickly. In the Ford pass app, your name listed on the account has to be exactly the same as shown on...
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    I have a 2021 Badlands I bought used in January. It came from the factory with the EFB, not an AGM battery. I've been having issues a lot with the start stop not working, even with the battery fully charged since I've owned it. In May before my vacation, I tried to get my service dept. to...
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    EV'S I know you are probably sick of this topic, but a new article on the state of affairs of the EV industry. Interesting reading with a lot of options to sidebar to other articles. FYI, I was kicking tires at my...
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    Not For Me, I'll Pass

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    Didn't know this

    2021 Badlands. I don't drive my BL very often in the dark, but I noticed something early this morning which I probably missed for the 10 months I've owned it. Going slow around a couple of corners, both left and right, I noticed when I turned the steering wheel, I had what looks like a...
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    I've was going to bring this issue up after my trip to Iowa in July but forgot about it. 2021 Badlands with nav. On the driver's instrument cluster under the nav menu, you can bring up POI's along your route and a distance & direction is shown. Keeping this screen up, and while driving, the...
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    Microfiber cloths

    Not an important post, but if your looking for a good quality, soft microfiber cloth at a very reasonable price, Dollar Tree is the place. I can attest to the quality of these as I have been using them for the last couple of years for detailing my cars, home use, etc. Dollar Tree is now...
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    I, like a lot of other owners, was having issues with the wireless charging. I bought my 2021 BL used in January and the wireless charging was constantly having screen pop ups saying charging terminated, phone out of alignment or an obstruction causing issues. Then going back to saying...
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    Will the sport be next? Another recall. Is the Sport next? It seems Ford has had numerous problems & recalls with backup cameras. My 2nd 2013 Escape Titanium had a camera issue. The image was really awful, blurry and really hard...
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    Just more info is all.
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    Ford Hybrid Issues
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    Underhood fuse block.

    Dude, if you see this help me understand the thought process of Ford's design for access to the underhood fuse box. This is in your wheelhouse for sure. Remove the cover, unlatch and remove 2 large connectors, remove the fuse block, turn it over to reveal the fuses. On top of that, if you drop...
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    Sync 3 issue