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  1. BobH

    Post your crossbar/basket/rack combo photos!

    54" omtec crossbars from Ebay--$90 on sale Harbour Freight Basket--from store, ~ $90
  2. BobH

    Pics of Bronco Sport undercarriage, shielding and oil filter on wife's badlands

    I can vouch for the fact that the bash plates are not for show. A week ago at about 11:00 at night, just north of Oklahoma City on I-35, I ran over what looked like a tire on a rim. No damage, just a few scrapes.
  3. BobH

    Is anyone heading to South Dakota and Mount Rushmore this Memorial Day Weekend?

    Will be here all summer. Enjoy your trips!!
  4. BobH

    Transceiver Installation thread (Ham, CB, GMRS). Radio unit and antenna installation on Bronco Sport

    Not really, I used clips to route the coax to a safe place plus the coax is actually thinner than the gap between the body and the lift gate. RG-316 is a low loss PTFE coax about the same diameter as RG-174 but still capable of use at microwave frequencies.
  5. BobH

    Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    HI I'm Bob and have now had my BS BL+BL for about a month now and am loving it. I got it because the places I like to go are way off the beaten path thru some pretty rugged country. Rock and fossil hunting are much better where fewer people have been. Being almost 72, retired, and having lost my...
  6. BobH

    Transceiver Installation thread (Ham, CB, GMRS). Radio unit and antenna installation on Bronco Sport

    I installed the antenna on the rear hatch with a 3-way adjustable lip mount. The mount is a Diamond K412SNMO from HRO. I was going to get a mount with a wider base, but there is just a little too much curvature where I wanted to mount it. The mount comes with 13.5 ft of thin RG-316 low loss coax...
  7. BobH

    Transceiver Installation thread (Ham, CB, GMRS). Radio unit and antenna installation on Bronco Sport

    Got my radio and antenna mounted and every thing is working fine. The radio body is mounted under the drivers seat to the left of the heater duct. I bolted a piece of 2X4 to the bottom of the mount to lift it a bit off of the floor. For the time being, I'm using a lighter plug for power. The...
  8. BobH

    Anyone installing CB / HAM radio?

    Installed an Icom ID-5100 2m/70cm radio. Radio body is tucked under drivers seat. Control head uses an A-tach mount with magnetic holder. (see pics) the antenna is mag mounted until I get a SUV lip mount for the rear hatch. Power comes from the 12 lighter jack up front.
  9. BobH

    WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Went for a nice drive Saturday afternoon. Then one last hill to climb before heading home.
  10. BobH

    Photos of Bronco Sports in the Wild

    Just some nice tumbling material.
  11. BobH

    Photos of Bronco Sports in the Wild

    BS Badlands at Badlands National Park
  12. BobH

    Photos of Bronco Sports in the Wild

    Spent a day out in the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands trails enjoying the ride and doing a little rock hunting. All I can say is wow!!
  13. BobH

    Sync 3 Cannot Find Available Wifi Networks

    Same thing happened to me. Sync could not find my home wifi or my phone set up as a hot spot. Tried it a few days later and didn't have a problem. I wonder if Sync updated during that time thru the built in ATT hot spot and that changed things.
  14. BobH

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Finally got mine. more to come.
  15. BobH

    Waiting room

    If it's like mine, the truck won't move until it's full.
  16. BobH

    Camping/toy hauler

    Okay. Tongue weight is the downward pressure the tongue puts on the hitch. GVWR is the maximum weight a trailer can be loaded to. Dry weight is the actual weight of the trailer. So if the trailer, without any of your added cargo is say 1200 lbs and the GVWR is 2000 lbs, you can only add up to...
  17. BobH

    Bronco Sport Badlands closeup photos inside and out

    Velour refers to the material the carpet is made of. The velour mats come with the vehicle but the rubber mats are optional. The dealers will remove the velour mats from the plastic bags they come in and install them during dealer prep.
  18. BobH

    Where is plug for Block Heater?

    No problem. Glad to help.
  19. BobH

    Where is plug for Block Heater?

    On the Badlands it is by the rod that holds the hood up and kind of attached to the top of the radiator shroud on the left side. there is a cable with a rubber cap on the end of it. the plug is under the rubber cap.