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  1. Bronclahoma

    Delay in power delivery

    Tried this and the lag is now just a bit of expected turbo lag. Much better. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Bronclahoma


    Short mileage runs like this don't mean much. I could have posted one recently that showed 65 mpg for that distance. Coming out of the mountains of northern New Mexico.
  3. Bronclahoma


    Hope this continues. I've never gotten anything close to this except for slow, short runs.
  4. Bronclahoma


    I'm not anal about mpg. My driving habits aren't geared around mileage, but getting from A to B. The computer is accurate enough to tell me this is excellent mileage on a vehicle rated at 26mpg. BTW running 87 octane.
  5. Bronclahoma

    Waiting room

    I was using MS Edge as a browser, apparently it isn't compatible with the system. Opened Google Chrome and it opened. Shows PTI related systems installed. Does that mean unit is built?
  6. Bronclahoma

    Waiting room

    When I click on the FordEtis link it says "Bad Request." I searched and found it on and it did the same thing. Maybe system is down? My BL/BL has been showing in production since 6/10.
  7. Bronclahoma


    On the way back to OK from Taos got the best mileage to date. Maybe the engine is breaking in. Run in normal mode with A/C on and cruise set at 80. First 75 miles was mountains, ran in manual, mostly in 5th and 6th. Had a brisk cross wind most of the way. BL/BL.
  8. Bronclahoma

    1.5l Bronco Sport in the sand?

    There are different kinds of sand. The particles in beach sand are irregular. There is blow sand in arid parts of the West and the particles are fine and marble-shaped. Much more difficult than beach sand. Watch Matt's Offroad Recovery on YouTube. He lives in Utah and it's unbelievable some...
  9. Bronclahoma

    Hail Storm, Cheyenne, WY. June 18, 2021.

    How about that "military grade" aluminum Ford advertises? And it can dance, too! :sunglasses: We recently had baseball size hail and 70 mph wind. Many autos were totaled. Had a new roof put on my house while I am in NM. Having difficulty to get someone out to replace broken windows.
  10. Bronclahoma

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Another shot from NM. On the lower end of the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, NM. There is a paved road that runs right along the river from Pilar, NM to here. Good birding area. Once you cross the bridge you are climbing out of the gorge on dirt. When you reach the rim, you are in bighorn...
  11. Bronclahoma

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Great series! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Bronclahoma

    Ford to halt production of Bronco Sport for 2 weeks in June due to chip shortage

    That is a bummer! As frustrated as buyers are, remember this shortage is costing Ford about $50B. Hopefully they have learned a lesson about the cheapest supplier in Asia may not be the cheapest in the end.
  13. Bronclahoma

    Air con engine on in park in hot weather with dog inside....please give me an informed answer

    In vehicle settings you can set your engine to turn off after 30 minutes idling. If this is not selected, I assume it will run forever, probably will turn off if the engine overheatss. The answer you indicate you don't want to hear begs. Why not just leave the pup at home? Kids or dogs...
  14. Bronclahoma

    Hello from New Mexico

    Glad you are happy with your BS! Just got back from a week in Taos. Put our BL/BL through the ringer out there. It's officially broken in now.
  15. Bronclahoma

    Ford to halt production of Bronco Sport for 2 weeks in June due to chip shortage

    I was able to snag a BL/BL through the dealer I ordered from on 2/16. Still have that unit on order and it has showed in production since 6/10. Now plant is down for two weeks. Don't know what to think, it shouldn't take that long to build. Is their tracking system inaccurate? Has the unit...
  16. Bronclahoma

    Bronco Sport Exceeds My Expectations

    Really got to test my BS BL this past week. Exceeded my expections on the highway and on trails. Terrain mangement is terrific. I drove a trail to the top of an 11,000 foot peak. Last couple of miles were a little challenging. Hardly had any wheelspin. The turning radius is appreciated when...
  17. Bronclahoma

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Looks like fun! Where is this? Curious, how did the clutches handle the sand. I suspect this is going to be a weak spot for the BS.
  18. Bronclahoma

    $500 is accessory cash, anyone know about it?

    In reputable dealerships you walk out the door with a copy of your buyers order and signed contract. Most of the time in dealerships that don't disclose the deal on the spot, the surprises are not good.
  19. Bronclahoma

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    My WORST shot of the Little Blue Bronco. Yesterday it visited the the Gorge west of Taos, John Dunn Bridge in Rio Grande del Norte National Monument and then up forest roads from Questa to Greenie Peak and then down Malette Canyon Trail to Red River NM. I've had opportunities on this trip to...