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  1. California Rhino Rack Pioneer platform

    does this clamp directly on the factory roof rails? If you dont find a buyer and decide to ship, I'd take it...
  2. All 2” and 1 1/4” level lift pre orders start shipping out next week.

    Do you know if your lift would work with the 0.5" Eibach lift springs they're planning on releasing? I would love to go big and do both..
  3. Any ideas on back bumper protection?

    Nice to see another NYC BS owner here, I'm in Brooklyn myself. I was seeking protection for the bumpers when I first got mine. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but the "Go Rhino 360T" bumper step covers a good portion of the rear and provides enough protection.. for now...
  4. 1.5" Rough Country lift kit installed - notes & feedback

    I have to thank some of you guys in this thread for updating everyone on your experiences. I had a RC lift sitting here waiting to be installed and after a few of these threads I've decided to send it back for now. They had great customer service , but I'm gonna wait it out and see whats else...