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  1. North7

    HPTuners announces tune for 1.5L Bronco Sport

    This was posted by member @The Bronze on the Bronco sister forum: HPTUNERS announces availability to tune the 1.5 Sport
  2. North7

    1″ Bronco Sport Spacer Lift Confirmed During SEMA Q&A

    On the Bronco Sport SEMA Q&A Live Stream Session yesterday they discussed the MAD industries modded Bronco Sport. This was a similar mod like the Sport Badlands Trail Rig Concept and the Off-Roadeo Adventure Patrol concept. In the live SEMA Q&A Live Stream Chris Mangum, the owner of MAD Designs...
  3. North7

    New Ford Maverick spy photos reveal size, suspension details

    From (more photos at link) The upcoming Ford Maverick has been spied yet again, this time with a current Ford Ranger tagging along. Not only do these photos show off the true size of Ford's new baby pickup, but they also give us our clearest view yet of its rear suspension. While...
  4. North7

    Texas Master List of Locations to see the Bronco Sport & Bronco

    As we move towards December Ford will be bringing the Bronco Sport to Texas dealers for public showing and possibly to some events or locations that will be open to the public. As a way to track all these Texas locations please post any information you hear about in this thread. Likewise, if...
  5. North7

    Lifted Bronco Sport - Factory 1" - Saptor or 3" Aftermarket

    Lifted Bronco Sport ideas have been discussed in several different threads, from the factory showing 1" lifts to renderings showing more extreme 3" aftermarket lifts, Bronco Sport Raptor anyone, lets just call it the Saptor. I've started this thread to continue these discussions to keep the...
  6. North7

    Bronco Sport Overlay Comparison to the Ford Maverick Pickup

    From our friends at Ford Maverick Pickup Will Be Very Similar To Bronco Sport B-Pillar Forward: Exclusive by Chris Teague - August 28, 2020 In late July, our spies caught the first completed prototype of the upcoming Ford Maverick compact pickup undergoing testing. The...
  7. North7

    Bronco Sport White Top Option

    Now that it has been confirmed the Bronco will have the option of a white top, it's time to have that as an available option on the Bronco Sport. There are multiple benefits to Ford, the Sport will quickly be recognized as a full member of the Bronco family. The benifis to the owners, we can...
  8. North7

    Tire Options for Bronco Sport with 1" Lift

    I may buy the Bronco Sport Badlands for my wife as her daily driver. Seeing the Bronco Sport Trail Rig Prototype with the 1" lift and BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires gives it a nice look. However, one thing to note about these tires is they are a Load Range E, that means they have stiff...