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  1. Fordfan

    😭Heartbroken😭 Broken down after only 3 weeks

    I would insist on a brand new bronco and keep the loaner.... not unreasonable
  2. Fordfan

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    That's really cool !
  3. Fordfan

    Ford ESP: Good choice or Boondoggle?

    I never bought them but did on my BS. Usually did 3 yr leases so everything covered. I wanna keep this bronco for at least 6 years so I did it. Had a head unit go on my Explorer and would have cost $2000 if not warrantied.All the electronic components scare me now a days
  4. Fordfan

    How much would you sell your Bronco Sport for?

    Might trade on an original, low mileage 1970 Torino Super Cobra Jet 429....😩
  5. Fordfan

    Waiting room

    They have the same issues/plant closures etc. My buddy ordered a plain jane Venue back December and it took 4 months
  6. Fordfan


    Jealous Chevy and Subaru birds ??
  7. Fordfan

    Crazy rattling in passenger door!

    If you have a moonroof open it and see if it disappears. Sometimes sounds can be deceiving where they actually comes from....worth a try.
  8. Fordfan

    New potential Badlands buyer. Any advice, tips etc about buying?

    I might suggest looking at smaller rural Ford dealers. I know in my city there are hardly any but small rural dealers seem to have a couple at least.
  9. Fordfan

    Yakima rack size

    I had these crossbars on my F150 and the Thule stackers fit perfect.Just bought new mounting feet for the BS. Sunroof opens too!!
  10. Fordfan

    Yakima rack size

    I've got 60" Rhino rack. Thought about making them shorter but just makes loading the kayaks easier...don't have to reach forward with them. I chose practicality over looks on this one:like:
  11. Fordfan

    Big Bend v Outer Banks

    I have adaptive cruise on my OB.... one thing ill always look for. The b&o stereo is nice too
  12. Fordfan

    Underhood insulation/cover

    yup.....the plastic tabs melt and the blanket falls on the engine....may not put out fire but easier for fire rescue....keeps flames down said my firefighter buddy😀
  13. Fordfan

    Underhood insulation/cover

    My OB doesn’t have it..... the pre production one I saw in January didn’t either
  14. Fordfan

    Retro Rims

    I’m thinking these rims might look cool ....maybe as my winter shoes...whatta ya think?
  15. Fordfan

    May 2021 Sales & Production Numbers For Bronco Sport

    WOW.... only 6730 built in May. Pretty hard to sell what ain’t built....sad
  16. Fordfan

    Odometer reading going up real fast

    My miles are piling up because my wife is running errands and joy riding with my Bronco........her Mazda 3 is
  17. Fordfan

    Waiting room

    Generally the actual build is one week after windowsticker. Date on sticker is when invoice is sent to factory then built one week later
  18. Fordfan

    Completely Dead

    It happens........We.had a brand new 2007 VW GTI...first day no a/c....gone for a week, had to replace complete a/c system. 2002 Honda Civic brand new....replaced front struts 3 times in first 1 1/2 years !...never solved............just sayin.
  19. Fordfan

    John Bronco - Hulu documentary/comedy

    Darn...don't have Hulu access in Canada...hope it gets to Netflix!!...........looks hilarious