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  1. Excape

    Big Brother

    Most of big data is aggregated for business analytics and without nefarious intent. That said, I personally prefer privacy, so I turn off most tracking features, starting back when CarPlay started suggested my destination each time I got in the car, and it was surprisingly accurate, based on...
  2. Excape

    Big Brother

    Keeping your online footprint small will help significantly with your exposure footprint. The more involvement with social media, online payment, Internet of Things and so forth really increases your exposure to Big Data collection and possible malicious exploit if compromised. People...
  3. Excape

    Windshield scratches

    Rain-X used to make a great little claybar kit for windshield, but any would do nicely. I'm not even sure the magic eraser would be necessary.
  4. Excape

    Wish there was manual shifting

    I had a manual 2006 Escape and a manual 2016 CX-5 that were both a blast to drive. I don't expect to see another manual SUV/crossover, but I would jump on it if available. I am one who does put my money where my mouth is, I bought the last year CX-5 (16) and Colorado (18) that were available...
  5. Excape

    Start-Up Animation Issue

    I have experience in this area- embedded control systems and human machine interfaces. This should be localized processing, not streaming over the CAN-Bus. I suspect when this was in the development environment, it presented smoothly. If choppy/glitchy now, it was either never properly...
  6. Excape

    Waiting room

    One thing about mass production, you have to keep your lines moving to maintain your processes and manage your component inventory. Even though they may not have chips, they may not have surplus storage space at Hermosillo for say, fenders, windshields, or other sizable components. Also, there...
  7. Excape

    If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    No worries, I think we got our intent confused. Anyhow, I don't think Cabezone was trolling. He did end up with a Jeep, but has contributed some good thoughtful content to the forum, before and after settling on the Cherokee.
  8. Excape

    Aftermarket Speakers

    There is some useful information here:
  9. Excape

    If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    So, this forum has a legit thread titled, "If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?", and a member mentions an attribute of an alternative, and you link them away? Getting snarky in here?
  10. Excape

    Present from Mexico?

    Speaking of rattles, Ford is likely building Sports in Hermosillo and parking them until they get chips or other parts needed to complete. Let's hope they don't end up with the rattles like the A380's stored several hundred miles to the north. ;)...
  11. Excape

    If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    There was talk several years back of Toyota making a smaller more fuel efficient FJ Cruiser, which would have been sized to be a good competitor for the Sport. Toyota's conservative leadership canned it and we ended up with the RAV4 Adventure and RAV4 TRD. Neither are worthy competitors. The...
  12. Excape

    Waiting room

    Took the word out of my mouth, globalized supply chains were established by economics. Many companies chose to outsource or offshore their operations based on cost. But it certainly doesn't help when your government incentivizes the domestic labor-force to not work.
  13. Excape

    Waiting room

    Old news I know, but it continues to snowball. The Hermosillo plant can't even make enough quality vehicles to meet the promised delivery dates and Ford's planning on Mavericks from the same plant. This is getting ridiculous. Yet their stock continues to climb.
  14. Excape

    If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    We can be angry at the situation, not necessarily Ford, but Ford will take the heat by association. They could have lessened the frustration by not releasing multiple vehicles in the middle of the shortages, knowing that they couldn't deliver. And the shady dealers ARE the customer-facing...
  15. Excape

    If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    I have an Outer Banks on order and likely to be delayed. May I ask why you're selling?
  16. Excape

    Different Size?

    Perspective, which could be corrected, induced, or exaggerated with post-processing.
  17. Excape

    My Dadcar trucklet - an overdue build thread

    Thanks for the write-up and honest assessment of your ownership experience. You have done a great job with your Sport, it looks classy and not overdone. Looking forward to watching you progress as the aftermarket catches up!
  18. Excape

    If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    I hanging in there for now, but not forever. I've been on this board since before Covid hit the US, and probably longer than most anyone else who is still active. When I finally got to see and drive some Sports, and find a dealer who would actually place an order, the big delays were...
  19. Excape

    Powertrain Malfunction?

    Badass 4x4 taken down by your wife's hair bow? :clap: Hide this from the Jeep guys, we'll never hear the end of it!
  20. Excape

    Rental Bronco Sport!

    What zip code are these lots in if you don't mind saying? If I found a BB optioned the way I want, and I could get it now, I might forgo my OB that may or may not get built this year.