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  1. Elboy

    New bronco, tire blew and dealer can’t find me a tire

    are they talking about the TPMS? if that’s the case you would just need to mount the original *wheel with a new tire on it and that should automatically reset the light. check some tire shops to see if they carry your tire
  2. Elboy

    Retro Rims

    some old school steelies in white would be very interesting to see!
  3. Elboy

    quick easy wiper/windshield cleanup?

    pull the wipers up the glass first then pluck them away from the glass after. i was confused at first too but saw other posts regarding this.
  4. Elboy

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    this near thomas hunting grounds? looks very familiar
  5. Elboy

    Off-Roading Poll

    these trails were in big bear california, the ratings are actually for off-road / OHV. the ratings will be shown on a sign at the trail start and will show icons of an atv/ off-road vehicle. not necessarily mountain bike rating.
  6. Elboy

    Off-Roading Poll

    yep, so far mostly dirt fire roads a stock 2wd suv can do. but more recently did some stretches of blue rated (southern california) trails and accidentally did a part of a black diamond trail (probably the easier section). while i’m still learning dimensions and clearance from the driver seat...
  7. Elboy

    What tires should I get for my soon to be delivered badlands? What are you getting?

    no issues with rubbing and i go off-road pretty often. my take is that they do rub slightly while articulated / at full lock but it’s a non issue. the carpet liner is very flexible with nothing behind it so it’s fine.
  8. Elboy

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    black handles are bc i didn’t get the badlands pkg, which in the end worked out bc i prefer the black handles
  9. Elboy

    Photoshop Request.... 2012 Escape (or earlier) overlayed with the Bronco Sport

    wait is that your bronco sport? that red orange with the white top is actually good looking.
  10. Elboy

    Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    yea that looks great! how’s the wind noise?
  11. Elboy

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Cactus Gray badlands next to my buddy’s CX3
  12. Elboy

    SoCal Thread

    perfect! thanks for the pics and the details. will need to visit this place sometime for sure.
  13. Elboy

    SoCal Thread

    how’re the trails there? nice views? also how’s camping, are there any “yellow post” sites like big bear has?
  14. Elboy

    SoCal Thread

    Cactus Gray Badlands here in riverside county, i’ll mostly be around went to ocotillo wells about a month ago! first time trying out that little 4x4 playground they got.
  15. Elboy

    SoCal Thread

    also for those familiar with anza borrego. not sure if this section has a name but in my badlands i went down a very steep drop off along the borrego mountain wash somewhere near the slot canyon trail. probably one of the coolest things i’ve done in the BS. kind of funny because it was...
  16. Elboy

    SoCal Thread

    what do you mean they’re opening? were they ever closed? honest question as my understanding of marked forest roads around where i live in socal are the ones that i’ve been trailing on, which are open. is there another forest road system that was closed?
  17. Elboy

    245/65/17 Wildpeak AT3W on Badlands stock suspension

    thank you! yes the look of the car has drastically changed with the meatier tires. i do notice 235 vs 245 wildpeaks at3ws are different not just by size but the 245 sidewall seems a lot more meaty, not sure why. clearance i think technically gives me about .5” extra than previous being an inch...