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  1. Mustang313

    Ordering update: last day to order 2021 Badlands is 4/15

    This means that only Base trim will be available for ordering after 4/15 right?
  2. Mustang313

    GOAT Modes Terrain Management System Explained

    Posted by Bronconation here's an explanation of GOAT modes on the Bronco Sport. G.O.A.T. Modes are part of the overall Terrain Management System (TMS) in the Bronco Sport. All Bronco Sports have the TMS with five G.O.A.T. modes but the Badlands and First Edition trims also have Trail Control...
  3. Mustang313

    Spotted: 2021 Bronco Sport Prototypes Wearing Multiple Grilles

    If it's popular enough Ford will definitely offer a black out package of some sort for the grille. That's what they do for Mustang and judging by the popularity of it with Jeep owners I'm sure they will eventually offer it for the Bronco Sport. Ford seems really determined to capture as much...
  4. Mustang313

    2021 Bronco Sport Begins Pilot Production at Ford’s Hermosillo Plant

    So it seems that the 5/18 date was the start of pilot production at the Hermosillo plant.
  5. Mustang313

    Spotted: 2021 Bronco Sport Prototypes Wearing Multiple Grilles

    Nice clear shots. Looks like Alto Blue Metallic, Carbonized Gray and Rapid Red Metallic Bronco Sports? [per the revealed colors list]
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    2021 Bronco Sport Begins Pilot Production at Ford’s Hermosillo Plant

    Update - so it seems the 5/18 date is the start of pilot production of the Bronco Sport, not mass production. Here's the Detroit Free Press article below which leaked the production schedule. Ford summer shutdown schedule gives workers glimpse into future Ford Motor Co., in a memo to its...
  7. Mustang313

    Cyber Orange Bronco Sport Prototype Spied Under Camouflage (Updated With Different Grille Photos)

    Here is another shot. It looks like there were actually 3 prototypes there - maybe for all 3 trims/grilles? Too bad can't really tell from this pic.
  8. Mustang313

    Interior of Ford Bronco Sport Revealed!

    I guess the accent color is matched with the exterior paint? That one seems to be the orange one from the forum header that was leaked a while back.
  9. Mustang313

    2021 Bronco Sport spotted again (next to Explorer)

    The painted bumpers could make this is a Badlands trim model. The dealer system showed body color painted bumpers as one of the Badlands Package features -...
  10. Mustang313

    Bronco Sport Pics!!

    Reminds me of the Rivian pickup. Maybe Ford's investment in Rivian went further than just shared platform engineering. Seems to be some similarities in design.
  11. Mustang313

    Bronco Sport Pics!!

    The Bronco Sport blows away the Renegade (even in these pics. The Renegade is referred to as the Toaster Jeep because it looks like one. And I've never seen a toaster oven that I think would look nice as a vehicle :giggle: The Bronco Sport already has class leading looks just from what we see here.
  12. Mustang313

    2021 Bronco Sport (Baby Bronco) Will Be Very Rugged, Says Ford Presentation

    Good find. Hopefully this product map's axes is drawn to scale and the Bronco and Baby Bronco placed accurately on it. I think the Bronco Sport is going to surprise people. Most people are probably expecting a Jeep Renegade but I think it'll be more capable, tougher looking and sell much better.
  13. Mustang313

    Sport, Maverick, Adventure...... is it too late for forum comments as to what we feel it "should" be?????

    The name is probably set in stone by now considering the debut is expected in just a couple of months. I can live with the Sport name, it's nice and succinct and brings to mind an image of a smaller/lighter Bronco. And if it's as rugged as that product map shows, it won't matter what the name...
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    Thanks to this Forum, I'm buying a Mustang

    Ford confirmed that Grabber Blue will also be made available on the GT model before its release. Source -
  15. Mustang313

    2021 Bronco Startup Screen Animation Leaked [Video]

    Video has been removed... "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Ford Motor Company." :shock: