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  1. o0260o

    Wish there was manual shifting

    BS is the first auto car I have. First week I had to get used not having anything to do with my feet and hands. I commuted in a manual car in heavy NYC traffic for years, didn't mind much. What makes it worse is the other people who think that just because you leave a gap in front of you it's a...
  2. o0260o

    Wish there was manual shifting

    Ford C2 platform is also used on Kuga and 4th gen Focus. Both offer manuals.
  3. o0260o

    Wish there was manual shifting

    Ford doesn't have a stick gearbox for AWD set ups. The 1.5 turbo is paired with a 6 speed transmission in Kuga/Puma ST/Fiesta ST but with FWD only.
  4. o0260o

    Anyone get an exhaust?

    Magnaflow just teased an announcement for an exhaust for BS
  5. o0260o

    Difference between lane keeping and lane centering

    There are 3 modes for lane keep. alert, aid, alert + aid. There are also 3 sensitivity settings for 2 settings that have alert. low medium and high levels of vibration on the steering wheel.
  6. o0260o

    Big Bend v Outer Banks

    Reverse sensors are in the BB package. The sensors see high curbs that would otherwise be out of angle of view in the camera. Plus there is beeping so you don't have to look at the screen. Just use the mirrors and listen.
  7. o0260o

    Introducing the Ford Maverick Pickup! Featuring Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price

    Those door interiors are sexy. The whole design strikes a good balance between practicality and luxury.
  8. o0260o

    Auto start a little kick in the pants

    Damn that's clever! So does this mean we don't have to worry about wearing out the starter motor? How about the battery?
  9. o0260o

    extended uphill + downshift

    The 1.5 is enough power. The electronics really get in the way of you getting to use it.
  10. o0260o

    Differences to Escape/Kuga and Fiesta ST

    Same motor is in those cars and it makes 20 horse more in the Fiesta. Are there any differences in BS to make it stronger and/or long lasting? How many of the parts would be interchangeable?
  11. o0260o

    Need quick favor - Show me heated steering wheel?

    It should really be included at that price. Even though I would probably not use it anyways. When it's cold I just sit on my hands and steer with my left knee. 🙃
  12. o0260o

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    I find the seats either too wide or not enough side bolstering. It took a while to dial in the lumbar support. I still feel like it doesn't add much to comfort.
  13. o0260o

    Pre Collision system is not working

    In the first week of driving the system went off twice. One time it was a false positive. It grabs your attention way before it's an emergency. I am glad it's there, though.
  14. o0260o

    Bikes In the Cargo Area

    Anyone got pics with the internal bike rack from Ford and adult road bikes?
  15. o0260o

    Installing aftermarket speakers and sub in Bronco Sport!

    I never considered upgrading sound on a car before. Yesterday I put on some tunes and was surprised how noticeably worse it was than my Fiesta. I'll definitely be upgrading now.
  16. o0260o

    extended uphill + downshift

    This is my first car with automatic. I noticed going uphill and giving more gas doesn't increase the rpm. You really need to floor it for it to downshift. This vague relation between accelerator and engine is something to get used to. Not knowing what gear I'm in is annoying.
  17. o0260o


    I just got mine but so far it's 18 mpg on my commute. My fiesta does 27 on same route. This will get a while to get used to! :))
  18. o0260o

    Rear Wiper not clearing full back window

    Not only it's small but it's also very loud on mine. Is this normal? The motor is louder than the radio.
  19. o0260o

    Lowering springs for Bronco Sport?

    Ew. I forgot that thing exists. On a serious note. Lots of people coming to the Bronco Sport from SUVs and trucks but seem to ignore that for some it will be their first SUV. I love small Fords of the old. Rally Escrots. RS2000 in group B. Sierra cosworth. Focus RS. Ken Block's gymkhana cars are...