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  1. wiyeti

    Oversized Rhino Rack but came out great !

    That looks a lot nicer than I would have thought. You could land a helicopter or small airplane on there!!
  2. wiyeti

    Introducing the Ford Maverick Pickup! Featuring Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price

    So the 2.0L EcoBoost on this unibody CVT vehicle can tow 2 tons but the 2.0L EcoBoost on the Unibody Badlands can only tow 1 ton?
  3. wiyeti

    Center console organizer?

    I have the same one, push it down inside a bit. There is a lip about a quarter inch below the cubby top. Push the tray down onto the lip and it fits snug and secure inside, not on top.
  4. wiyeti

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    It would help to tell if these numbers are dashboard or calculated from actual mileage/gallons. I lean towards old lady (with a beard)! 60/40 highway to city with colder WI climates until recently. 3700 miles on the beastie. Been averaging 27-28mpg calculated. Dashboard always shows about...
  5. wiyeti

    Backup sensing

    Can't comment on other trims, but I have an OB without the OB package and it does have the reverse sensing system with backup camera.
  6. wiyeti

    Body side molding anyone?

    That really looks nice. I think you've sold me on them. Might just help my door ding phobia!
  7. wiyeti

    Body side molding anyone?

    Curious if anyone has installed the body side molding by AirDesign from the Accessories page. I like the idea of door ding protection, but wonder how far they stick out. Looks like it may not be past the fender flares. Before I'd shell out $329 for these, thought I'd ask. Thanks.
  8. wiyeti

    Convince me I should get a Sport or Bronco vs......What sealed the deal for you?

    Coming from a 2014 manual FWD CX-5, I wanted automatic (bad knees), AWD for WI winters and some tech I've resisted all my life (heated seats, heated steering wheel, remote start). Being 6'7", I could not wear most smaller SUVs comfortably and did not want to roll the cash for larger one...
  9. wiyeti

    Any Complaints so far?

    While the trip/fuel meter is showing, press and hold down the OK button on the right side of the steering wheel.
  10. wiyeti

    Real World Gas Mileage Math?

    Thought I’d share last four tanks drank by my OB, 87 octane, 60/40 mix of highway/city. Normal mode. Better mileage was warmer, temps were in 40s to 50s. Dash pretty consistently showed 2mpg better. Generally the same as my CX-5 the Bronc replaced so pretty happy.
  11. wiyeti

    New Sport owner in Wisconsin

    Ya, I was drooling over that Mustang as well. Tried to convince my wife she needed it! Sorry to hear about your issues, that really sucks.
  12. wiyeti

    New Sport owner in Wisconsin

    Kennedy Ford. That’s where I ordered my OB from last August. 3000 miles now and still happy! Great dealer.
  13. wiyeti

    So what would you change?

    I'm surprised at all the people with problems with Sync 3. Maybe an android issue? My apple carplay has been flawless.
  14. wiyeti

    2021 Ford Bronco Sport vs. Jeep Cherokee vs. Mazda CX-5

    The leather seats in my OB are the most comfortable I have had. They are shallow, though I am 6'7" so they all are shallow. My previous car was a CX-5 and hands down the OB is more comfortable. My wife refused to take long trips in the CX-5 because she hated the seats. She loves the OB seats.
  15. wiyeti

    Real-world MPG Test Badlands w/wheel upgrade

    That seems high to me, though possible as there are a lot of variables to consider; driving style, temp., tires, terrain, etc.. I have about 2000 miles on my OB now. Varying results mainly due to varying temps here in WI. @ 5F was getting about 25 mpg. @ 30F was 27 mpg. Couple of caveats...
  16. wiyeti

    Center console organizer?

    Just ordered a blue one like your picture shows. Very nice, thank you for sharing.
  17. wiyeti

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    6’7” here and find the seats in my OB very comfortable. Very good support but not too stiff.
  18. wiyeti

    Brushless car wash

    Do you mind me asking what you paid for the ceramic coating? I’m intrigued. +1 on the brushless wash, although when I washed mine, the dryer wind velocity hit the huge space between the hood and windshield and I noticed the hood flexing. That kinda freaked me a bit. It is a really huge space...
  19. wiyeti

    87 vs 91 Octane?

    Given 91 octane premium is about 75 cents on average more in WI, I'll stick with the 87 top tier. The mild benefits are not worth the added cost.
  20. wiyeti

    Does the Aeria l /Radio Antenna Fin unscrew / detach?

    I get the "incorporated in" thoughts, but as someone who lives 50 miles from the stations I like to listen to, I like the current setup. Much better reception than my CX-5 with the shark fin.