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  1. brockdog12

    Any Complaints so far?

    I have had Ecoboost engines that have done this, on a Flex and two F150’s and even my 2019 Ranger I just traded, lack of throttle from a stop then it surges. it is annoying.
  2. brockdog12

    SiriusXM Plans

    I pay $5 a month on a yearly plan. I've done this for several years now.
  3. brockdog12

    SiriusXM won’t work sometimes

    I haven't had an issues with Sirius/XM in any of my last 4 vehicles, including my BS. I pretty much use it exclusively while in the car. I've had bluetooth phone connection issues more frequently though, in my Ranger also.
  4. brockdog12

    How does computer calculate MPG?

    I've noticed when I gas up now my miles to empty went from 425 to 380 to sometimes 390 miles to empty now and mpg has dropped from about 26 to 27 in town to about 23. Highway mpg has also dropped off to about 29, down from 33. I'm at 3400 miles.
  5. brockdog12


    I have an Area 51 and they got me too. One of them left a mark in the paint. I wasn’t out of the truck more than 20 minutes when it happened.
  6. brockdog12

    Present from Mexico?

    Reduces rattles, may want to leave it. :)
  7. brockdog12

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    I noticed I am almost sitting on the plastic trim by the seat adjustments, the seat cushion has broken down that much, not so on the seat belt latch side. Could be from getting in and out of the vehicle, but should hold better I would think, I can see it breaking down after years and tens of...
  8. brockdog12

    If you can't get Bronco Sport then what?

    I drove by a couple of local Ford dealers yesterday and one had none on their lot and the other one listed 3 on their website, but we saw 5, two of them maybe orders waiting for the buyers?
  9. brockdog12

    Windshield camera cover removal

    Has anyone removed the windshield camera cover yet? If so, how? I'd like to maybe access the camera power on my BB to install an auto dim mirror, did it on the wife's 2020 Camry and works great! Also, what is that little black sensor looking thing over the left side of the rear view mirror in...
  10. brockdog12

    Underhood insulation/cover

    I don't have one, don't really need one. I thought it was interesting Ford put an engine cover on the BS, but not the Ranger models unless you buy a Lariat trim package.
  11. brockdog12

    Auto start a little kick in the pants

    Had mine for a few weeks now, works perfectly!
  12. brockdog12

    Who's having mechanical Issues?

    I have a list of almost 10 items to take mine in for, some may seem petty to some people. My two biggest complaints are the display between the tach and speedometer fails to come on sometimes, dealer is aware of this problem and the truck does not sit level. Considering it is a new vehicle it...
  13. brockdog12

    Interior Fuse Block Access.

    I didn't get the door code from my dealer so I found the code behind this panel. Didn't bother to read on how to properly remove it, so I pull the cover off and couldn't get it back on, ended up breaking a tab. Found another post on here where it is better to remove the panel under the glove...
  14. brockdog12

    DRL’s not shutting off

    There is another thread on this, mine were on after I locked mine up a few days ago. I came outside my office and the drl’s were on, nothing else. No telling how long they were on. I wasn’t close enough with the fob to affect anything.
  15. brockdog12

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    I'm going to take mine in in a month or so for a list of items to be looked at, seat being one of them. I had a 2019 Ranger and didn't have to take it back for anything.
  16. brockdog12

    How are you finding front seat size and comfort?

    It's not you, I feel the same in mine. My seat also pops from the lower left side when taking off from a stop and when turning right.
  17. brockdog12

    has anyone had dealer add OEM backup sensor system?

    When I bought my BS I thought it was odd it had no back up sensors, but then backing up the cross traffic alert sounded when a car passed behind me. Must be built into the tail lights with the BLIS system. I'm ok not having them, I look around and use the camera.
  18. brockdog12

    Pre Collision system is not working

    My collision avoidance has worked a few times on my BS, I can be aggressive coming up behind slower drivers getting into left turn lanes and as I approach them at or above the posted speed limit, the instrument cluster flashes red and the alert beeps. Worked perfect on my Ranger too. 😁
  19. brockdog12


    Try not to use mine. The side by where it mounts needs to be altered so it fits the contour of the headliner better, so it can deploy closer to the windshield.