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  1. awinter105

    Introducing the Ford Maverick Pickup! Featuring Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price

    Wow, they really try to sell you on how functional the Maverick is at such a good entry price for a hybrid truck. I think I'd take a Ranger over this any day (or keep my BS of course, the obvious choice lol) despite all the cute features. Also, keypad buttons over the touchpad?! They must've had...
  2. awinter105

    Bronco Sport rolls 20-30 feet off trail, manages to protect occupants

    Damn, she can take a hit. Sorry for the loss :crying:
  3. awinter105

    Ordered an OB+OB 5/31 and got confirmation 6/1! Is it real?!

    Glad to hear you got confirmation. I was lucky and only had to deal with 3 dealerships before I found an OB I wanted. Would've shot for the Badlands the same dealership was getting, but it was red and the wifey didn't want another red car lol.