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  1. Underhood insulation/cover

    Really? Mine does not and I purchased it/live in one of the coldest winter states in the nation.
  2. Bronco Sport rolls 20-30 feet off trail, manages to protect occupants

    That thing roll 20 to 30 ft down a hill, retained its shape for the most part, and started on the first try. Found On Road Dead does not apply to this vehicle.
  3. What kind of kayak racks should I purchase?

    If you are just waiting for a call and haven't reached out to your dealer yet, you should. I had ordered through the dealer and waited about a month before finally going in to ask about my accessories. The items I ordered arrived two weeks earlier and they decided not to notify me.
  4. Rear License Plate installation

    The rear license plate should just screw directly in with two screws. That's how mine is anyways. I believe the bracket you are mentioning is for the front bumper.
  5. Anyone know if there is a remote window rolldown feature?

    I believe the feature is only for those of us with factory remote start via the key fob. That would be Outer Banks and higher trims if I recall correctly.
  6. Paintable fender flare question

    Greetings all, I have an Alto Blue OB and I am looking to buy the OEM paintable fender flares. I figured I would save some money and paint them myself using color matched rattle cans. The actual name of the paint is Alto Blue Metallic Tinted Clearcoat. The name indicates the clear coat is...
  7. Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    I have alto blue. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I really enjoy how the color changes depending on the lighting.
  8. Removing Grill Letters

    This is the best idea. It's way less than $100 and much easier to do.
  9. My Bronco Sport on Nitto Grappler 265 60R 18

    Yep, but I don't think you can buy them from Bushwhacker.
  10. Yakima Offgrid basket installed

    I just ordered the medium off grid to put on my Thule Wingbar. Glad to see one in pictures before mine comes in.
  11. My Bronco Sport on Nitto Grappler 265 60R 18

    I have only been able to find them for sale through Ford. Looks like the aftermarket manufactures haven't caught up yet.
  12. Vibration noise

    Did you figure anything out on this? I have a strange vibration sound in the same area. To me, it sounds like a loose screw or something rattling in/under the defrost duct up near the windshield on the driver's side.