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  1. Waiting room

    I’ve been checking 2-3 times a day, nothing yet. Hoping my sticker date change today means it’s almost here.
  2. Waiting room

    Got a sticker date change! Used to be 6/6 which was when I got the “shipped” email. Hopefully this means it’s off the train and on a truck headed to Chicago.
  3. Waiting room

    I got a shipped notice, but Pals doesn’t have anything yet. I’m in Chicago, so I’m assuming it’s on a train somewhere between here and Mexico.
  4. Waiting room

    When did your vehicle ship?
  5. Waiting room

    Got the shipped confirmation on Monday, tracker says transit of 16 days. Fingers crossed it stays that way, I’ll have my BS the week of 6/20. Great Fathers Day gift!
  6. Waiting room

    My time in this room is short. Ordered OB+OB -moonroof on 4/15, built 6/4, just saw my sticker date change to 6/6, which I’m hope means it’s been transferred to the rail company for shipping. Need it to arrive in Chicago by 6/28 so we can take it on a road trip.
  7. Waiting room

    Is the link for trains also? If not, can someone post the link for rail tracking?
  8. Waiting room

    Date on the sticker is now 5/29, today, so hopefully it’s being finished and I get the “built” notification soon.
  9. Waiting room

    Sort of. I worked in logistics for 10 years, trucks (and rail) often move on holiday weekends depending on the due date of the freight, driver availability and driving hours, possibly less traffic in certain areas, etc. Bottom line is the demand for vehicles probably has the trucks/rail...
  10. Waiting room

    Got the sticker a week ago, nothing since. Figured it would have shown completed by now. This was the scheduled build week as well. The waiting for info is killing me.
  11. Bronco Sport Outer Banks My Review #1

    Very nice! Curious, what is the color name of your interior as stated on the sticker? Mine arrives in a few weeks and I think I have a different version of the brown interior.
  12. Anyone seen both the Outer banks and Badlands leather seats? Which is nicer?

    So are the EB/leather trim seats in the OB+OB the ones with the suede upper portions? I was under the impression that’s what I’m getting on my order. The gray fabric looks ok as well, but I liked the other one better. Should be delivered in about 3 weeks, bit I’m curious after reading this.
  13. Stay Away from Koons Ford Falls Church, VA

    I’m also using X Plan and was under the impression that the dealer CANNOT deny the use of it, unless it is specified in the plan. Example: you can’t get the Mustang GT500 on any plan. Make sure you report them. I understand the shortages are hurting dealers everywhere, but they shouldn’t...
  14. Waiting room

    Ordered 4/15, original build date of 5/24, changed to 6/7, but just got an email saying it is back to the original date of 5/24! Getting the OB+OB, tow and 360+. Let’s hope they can stick to the schedule! Should arrive in time for Fathers Day.
  15. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Ordered OB+OB on 4/15, original build was 5/24, just got the notice it’s pushed back until 6/7. Hope it’s not any longer, was planning on using it for a road trip starting 6/30.
  16. Just placed my order!

    I literally ordered the same vehicle on 4/15. Glad you were able to order, I was told they were cutting them off on the date I placed mine. Now let’s just hope they get built!
  17. Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    I’ve ordered the OB+OB in Alto blue w/ebony roast interior. Glad I did, this looks fantastic. Build date is 5/24, so I’m hoping to have it by the end of June. Thanks for posting!
  18. OB+OB order update

    Correct. Cutoff date was 4/15 for special orders.
  19. Last time I order from Ikea...

    It’s going to take forever to put together with that little Allen wrench they give you.
  20. OB+OB order update

    I’m supposed to be getting the tow package and the 360+, so maybe it’ll still happen?