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  1. Leenaya

    Introducing the Ford Maverick Pickup! Featuring Standard Hybrid, 40MPG City, Under $20k Starting Price

    Now the question becomes will the bronco sport in 2022 be offered with a hybrid engine? The fox news article I read about this truck said "The Maverick fits into the Ford pickup lineup below the Ranger and is built on the same basic unibody platform as the Bronco Sport and Escape. " If its the...
  2. Leenaya

    Ford doubling Incentives on orders going back to April 1st. WTF?!

    Figures that you cant order the badlands trim right now. Wouldn't want to make people who spent the most on the sport happy.
  3. Leenaya

    Ford Bronco Sport Price Increase!

    At least I understand now why the dealer wouldn't give me a price for a yet unfinished in production badlands. They probably knew this price increase and no incentive month was coming. Oh well. If you want something bad enough you will just pay the price.
  4. Leenaya

    Why can't we get the cyber orange in base and big bend with matching roof.

    They are offering a cyber orange ranger as well. But from what I glanced at it needs to be a high end trim as well. Don't think it looks as good on a truck as a sport. Oh and I forgot to mention, the only reason I want a sport at all is because of the cyber orange sport in the raised by goats...
  5. Leenaya

    X-Plan Revisited

    Ford says my employer, the Kroger company, is an x-plan partner, so I was interested in using it to save some cash. Been three days of trying to get the "partner code" that goes with my company that lets me access the x-plan site. Just been going around in circles trying to get that partner...
  6. Leenaya

    Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    I thought that as well until last Saturday. Two window stickers popped up on the 15th for a white badlands and a cyber orange badlands. I want the orange one so of course that's the one that the dealer sites don't have listed. Contacted the dealer to ask why and was told that the cyber orange...
  7. Leenaya

    What price to expect?

    A few weeks ago when I went to look for a badlands they didn't have at my local dealer I was able to get them to print out a form for a bronco sport that wasn't the color I wanted but did show what they were going to charge, supposedly. For an msrp of 35420 the end number was 38,782.64 Keep...
  8. Leenaya

    How far is too far to buy your Bronco Sport?

    I would link it but some forums don't like that. Its going to be at Cavalier Ford at Chesapeake Square. On the ford site you can search in 23704 to find it. Alternatively the vin is 3FMCR9D92MRA60640 Its a beauty. Someone suggested a vin checking site called Mach-E yesterday in a different...
  9. Leenaya

    FYI - Just revealed/introduced - Ford Explorer 2021 Timberline

    $47,000 before options and no cute horses on the seats and such... hard pass on that one.
  10. Leenaya

    How far is too far to buy your Bronco Sport?

    Life is funny sometimes. I moved to Florida when I was a junior in high school from Illinois. We don't have any badlands near here right now that I want in GA. Was a good choice to move back then because I had a good 2 decades in the south give or take. But now it turns out a dealer just 14...
  11. Leenaya

    How far is too far to buy your Bronco Sport?

    Sadly I don't think they have a seat big enough for my trade in to fly with me. I guess it just depends on how badly I want it. Can always dump the trade at CarMax i suppose. Up in the air about wanting to go that far or just wait for the 2022 orders to start.
  12. Leenaya

    How far is too far to buy your Bronco Sport?

    I was at the dealer in Georgia yesterday to inquire about possibly getting a very nice looking badlands shipped to me from another dealer. It only got its window sticker yesterday so its still in Mexico at the best, possibly not even put together fully yet. The answer they gave me was I had no...
  13. Leenaya

    When can you order 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands?

    Your info is interesting enough that I registered an account to add my two cents. I was at my local dealer yesterday looking to see if they could get a badlands that just got a window sticker in Virginia and was told that their best guess based on a group discussion was October for orders...