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  1. New potential Badlands buyer. Any advice, tips etc about buying?

    Sunrise in North Hollywood currently lists 2 Badlands on their website, 1 Rapid Red, and 1 Oxford White.
  2. Interesting rumor - Badlands trim dropped

    Happy, I already have a Badlands.
  3. Interesting rumor - Badlands trim dropped

    Hard to believe the TFL rumor, most dealers have very few if any Badlands and First Editions in stock, hard to make a sale without inventory. Even though the Bronco Sport is currently popular, the number of Ford dealers adding additional markup turns a lot of people off, as the pricing is...
  4. New bronco, tire blew and dealer can’t find me a tire

    When your tire blew did the TPMS sensor get damaged? The sensor will work with any tire, obviously you probably want all the tires to match. Shop around even other Ford dealers, you should be able to find a matching tire.
  5. Should I continued driving with these issues?

    As mentioned, you can go to any Ford dealer.
  6. Where should I hook a tow strap?

    The owners maual says: Towing Points (If Equipped) Your vehicle comes equipped with fixed front recovery hooks. More info is in the owners manual, read it. I believe only the Badlands and First Edition models have factory tow hooks.
  7. Tires way overinflated at delivery

    The reason the tires are over inflated is because 40 psi is the pressure needed to seat the tire bead to the rim when the tire is mounted. The tire pressure is not being reset after installation at factory level, and looking like it isn't happening during dealer PDI on a regular basis either.
  8. Tires way overinflated at delivery

    When I picked up my Badlands and the sales guy was setting up Ford Pass, I noticed the tire air pressures were in the 40's, I had the service manager at the dealer correct the air pressure before I drove off.
  9. Retro Rims

    Try it, if the white doesn't look good you could always paint them. The other issue will be the slight difficulty in finding a steel rim with the correct offset and bolt circle for the Bronco Sport
  10. Favorite Ecoboost Motor Oil

    Oil threads seem to always take the path of a cluster f***, obviously everyone has an opinion on what they think is best for some reason or another, and someone always has a buddy that blew up an engine using oil XXX, why bother. Just choose an oil that meets Fords requirements and call it a day.
  11. Convince me I should get a Sport or Bronco vs......What sealed the deal for you?

    Buy whatever you want, sport or full size, doesn't matter if you go off road or not. I see totally tricked out Jeep Rubicons with the only dirt they have seen is an unpaved parking lot, I've also seen them up past their axles in mud and they can't see out the windshield. Personally I think when...
  12. Convince a city guy into a bronco sport

    It's just a compact SUV that doesn't have a bubble or origami shape that also has some off road capability if wanted or needed. If you are a performance type of person, try the upper level 2.0 liter models, if you like an everyday runabout that can get decent fuel mileage try any of the 1.5...
  13. Bronco Sport Outer Banks My Review #1

    Nice ride. You must have a special 1.5 liter engine, the magazine road tests put the 0-60 time at 8.5-8.6 seconds. If you actually drove a Badlands other than than just around the dealers test route you wouldn't have chosen the 1.5, the difference compared to the 2.0 is very noticeable, although...
  14. Opinions on a lift for this wheel and tire combo?

    Basically they are both spacer based lifts, Woolworth offers a 2.0 inch lift, 4WP has a 1.0 inch lift. The Woolworth kit costs a bit more and both lifts at the moment look to be out of stock. You would also have make a decision about installation, whether you are going to do it yourself or have...
  15. Buy now or wait? (Didn't pre-order)

    I think the BS popularity will cool off once the full size Bronco hits the dealer lots. I can already imagine the price mark up the full size Bronco will have.
  16. OB or BL?

    That's the type of off roading I was referring too. Obviously you'll pick what works best for you. Everyone has different wants and needs. I picked the Badlands because of the on and off road comparison reviews and my own test drives between the 1.5 and 2.0 litre models, I think if you drive a...
  17. OB or BL?

    If your going to use the BS more so as an everyday driver and do some limited off roading and have concern over fuel mileage and rising fuel costs the BS OB would probably be the better choice at least if you believe the fuel mileage people are posting in the 1.5 ecoboost postings. I have a...
  18. Shady dealer

    Fortunately or unfortunately depending how you see it, the Bronco Sport is currently popular and a number of dealers are trying to take advantage of it. If not just out right addng a markup over MSRP, dealers will also have added asessories you may or may not want and charge premium prices...
  19. Rough country lift kit: Snapped/bent sway bar drop bracket

    I was also reviewing the posted installation photos of the Rough Country kit in this thread and comparing them to Rough Country's photos ln their installation instructions. The installation in this thread looks incorrect and could have possibly caused the failure of the bracketry and issues with...
  20. How will the Badlands suspension impact on road driving?

    North 7, Exactly, depends on what your your used too, and in my case the Badlands rides more like a truck. Are you going to sign up or are you window shoping