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  1. Trailer hitch bike and spare tire carrier by Rigd Supply

    I wonder how much it weighs. I love that you can have the spare tire and still put a bike rack on the back! it looks really good! I cant wait to see one on the back of a Bronco Sport
  2. Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    awesome! I think the one without the bump looks good. TY for sharing
  3. Premium fuel?

    General rule of thumb for me is anything that has a turbo should get premium gas. Due to the reason listed below: Turbos generate more heat and boost which contributes to pre-ignition condition of the fuel in the engine. Premium gas is higher octane, so it resists pre-ignition better than...
  4. Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    Does Ford Sell 2 version of this hood protector? One with the Bump and one without?
  5. Class II Trailer Receiver?

    This is great information to have, thank you very much.
  6. UHAUL lists two receiver options

    You rock thank you very much. Please let me know how the install goes!!!!
  7. Ford Pass Rewards

    Thats awesome thank you very much for that information. I am no where close. lol
  8. Ford Pass Rewards

    Hey Everyone, Considering I just purchased a new bronco sport, I know I have 42k points to spend. I am wanting the large yakima platform can anyone confirm how many points this costs? Thanks in advance!
  9. UHAUL lists two receiver options

    would you be able to provide a link for these?
  10. Class II Trailer Receiver?

    Speaking of these hitches, does anyone know why they are on preorder instead of actually being out for release? I called my local dealer and they said that they are waiting for them with no confirmation of what the hold up is.
  11. What dealer markups did you get on your Bronco Sport?

    I was a service advisor for Nissan for several years and have seen the added warranties pay off in the LONG run but one should not buy and extended warranty out the gate. These can be added whenever you want. What most people (in the business) tend to hide or not discuss once you get into the...
  12. Bronco Sport with ALPHAequipt Foxtrot Wheels in Bronze

    Very awesome to see this set up on a Dealer car. I have been eyeing the rims for a while and cant wait till they release for purchase on the 18th of march. Just have to decide between Falken wildpeak a/t3 or KO2s