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  1. Nosmo Rex

    Tectico LED fender light side marker install

    My set was not scratched...
  2. Nosmo Rex

    Lego your Bronco!

    I'm a bit of a Lego nut, so I was excited to discover an Australian gentleman who specializes in providing plans for building Broncos (and Sports!). He will sell you plans (in PDF form) and a CSV of the parts list. I provided the color, trim and accessories and he sent me customized plans. A bit...
  3. Nosmo Rex

    So here’s a really dumb question for y’all.

    I added the Tectico kit to my OBX and it looks great.
  4. Nosmo Rex

    Heritage Bronco Sport Script Fender Badge Kit now available

    I got these on Amazon: Powlamks Emblems for Bronc0 3D Raised Letters Fender Side Truck Nameplate Badges, Sport Decals Matte Black : Automotive
  5. Nosmo Rex

    Yucca Mfg Roof rack installed - pics

    I kinda wish I hadn't seen this thread, because now I feel like I need to buy this.
  6. Nosmo Rex

    Bronco Sport Earns 4th Consecutive Win in Rebelle Rally Desert Competition

    Congrats to @Melissa Clark and Jessica for this win and repping the Bronco Sport!
  7. Nosmo Rex

    If you didn't order, why did you pick your color/trim/options

    I bought mine off the lot because I have no patience for a factory order. I wanted an OBX and my dealer had a Hot Pepper red in the showroom that I fell in love with. I'm looking to upgrade the tires and possibly the wheels.
  8. Nosmo Rex

    First Bronco Day A Success

    This looks like a lot of fun.
  9. Nosmo Rex

    Bronco pumpkin stencils from Mud Digger Design

    I hope this is OK to post here. Mud Digger Design sent me an email with a link to some cool Bronco pumpkin carving templates. Black Orange Playful Illustrative Skeleton Halloween Party Invitation Flyer (
  10. Nosmo Rex

    The ever-changing color ... Carbonized Grey 🥰

    I like the Carbonized Gray a lot too. I haven't seen too many on the road. I like my Hot Pepper Red for the same reason - it changes from red to orange depending on the light.
  11. Nosmo Rex

    My 1400 miles trip in Outer Banks Bronco Sport review

    I only see a handful a day. There are two other Bronco Sport owners where I work, and there's a neighbor a few doors down. I might see one or two on my commute.
  12. Nosmo Rex

    Sirrus XM on Sync and wired Android Auto

    If you have a paid subscription, you have the free SXM streaming service. I use Waze and SXM streaming (you get all of your SXM channels, plus some streaming only channels) so I have Nav and SXM on the same screen).
  13. Nosmo Rex

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Yeah - they work great.
  14. Nosmo Rex

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I got these cool puddle lights today (not a great pic): 2 PCS Wireless Car Door Lights Projector Logo Car Door Welcome Courtesy Lights 3D Ghost Shadow Light Lamps for Car Accessories : Automotive
  15. Nosmo Rex

    Any 18" OBX wheels powder coated?

    This is my project tomorrow. How long did this take for you?
  16. Nosmo Rex


    I bought the same. Very good for the price.
  17. Nosmo Rex

    Any 18" OBX wheels powder coated?

    I have a set ordered, will arrive next week. Can you post pics of yours?
  18. Nosmo Rex

    Gas mileage?

    MY '23 OBX has a bit over 3000 miles, and I've been averaging about 25 MPG for my daily 12 mile commute. Some of that can be a bit stop and go. Until recently it had been around 22. A recent road trip to the coast was upwards of 32 MPG. I stopped using ECO mode as it really didn't seem to help...
  19. Nosmo Rex

    Any 18" OBX wheels powder coated?

    I might have to try this.