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  1. 2024 Badlands - question on tires...

    I ordered a 2024 Badlands and did NOT opt for the off road tires. Ford's website shows I will get 225/65/17 ALL-TERRAIN (A/T) tires. Anyone know what kind/model they are? Thanks!
  2. 2.0 Exhaust Suggestions?

    Looking for some rumble, but NO drone. Will not tolerate that at all. What do you all suggest? Many thanks!
  3. LOWERING kit?

    I am sure most won't agree, but I don't want to go UP. I won't ever take mine off road. I'm looking for a mild drop - 1.5". Is anything out there? I saw something about Escape springs, but can't confirm that they would fit. Thanks!
  4. 2024 Badlands order - graphics questions...

    I am about to order a black 2.0 Badlands with the tan leather interior. I despise the white lettering on the front and rear - BRONCO and BRONCO SPORT. It almost foiled the deal for me. I am looking to see if those with a black exterior have changed the colors? I was thinking a darker red -...
  5. 2024 Badland - PTU?

    Does the '24 Badlands have a PTU unit?