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  1. RushMan

    Is Ford going to majorly change the look of the bronco as the years go by?

    I'm guessing it will be a specialty higher end variant...ST or Tremor. Think of it as a replacement for the Heritage Limited without diluting the emotional and economic value of the Limited.
  2. RushMan

    Name our new baby Bronco

    Annette or Frankie....Beach Blanket Bingo anyon?
  3. RushMan

    The BS is really haunted! Maybe just smart?

    Are you sure that Auto High Beams is enabled? Center Infotainment screen Settings Vehicle Lighting (Doing this from memory after watching hundreds of YouTube video reviews. I'm still about a month away from getting my Badlands). Update: found a video, in case someone needs to learn/review...
  4. RushMan

    2023 emergency neutral procedure ??

    Nope. This tool is only a couple of inches long.
  5. RushMan

    Deer collision protection for the Bronco Sport.

    I was confronted with 2 deer one day. I was very early heading to my destination. There was no traffic, so I was driving at only 40 mph in a 50 mph zone - no hurry. 2 deer ran in front of me, nicely spaced to hit to both front fenders. Quick thinking: better to hit only ONE deer and and...
  6. RushMan

    Interesting video on putting fords with electronic shifters in neutral

    The hidden cable was removed in 2023 and newer models. A wire piece is included with the car that needs to be inserted in the top of the transmission. It's usually found in the center console or the glove box with the delivery of new vehicles. Good luck to owners and tow truck drivers who do...
  7. RushMan

    First Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.

    Go BANANA! Oh Sorry. I do enjoy Matt's Off-Road Recovery YouTube channel.
  8. RushMan

    add 360 camera?

    Spy shots of the 2025 model suggest that Ford will be adding the 360 degree cameras. Trade-in if if comes true?
  9. RushMan

    Deer collision protection for the Bronco Sport.

    I have to laugh every time I hear about deer whistles. Back in the late '90's, my employer gave everyone a pair of deer whistles as part of a safety milestone celebration. I gave mine away. :)
  10. RushMan

    What did you own before your Bronco Sport?

    Don't know which I like more, the '69 Beetle or the Bronco Sport. I had a '69 Beetle. It belonged to a professor of mine. He sold it to me when it dropped a valve. My friend's and I pushed the car into the college laboratory, and I pulled the engine, took inventory of what I needed to...
  11. RushMan

    What is everyone wanting to see under the Christmas tree this year?

    I'd like a 2024 Shadow Black Badlands, with cloth seats, tow package and Co-Pilot 360+. Got news a few minutes ago... My new car is in Production! It's unlikely to be delivered before New Year's.
  12. RushMan

    Engine noise - any ideas what this could be 😭

    As other's said, it sounds normal. On cold start, the GDTI engines sound like a clattering diesel. But it does sound louder than usual. It's difficult to say on an uploaded video or sound file. Check the oil level. If you're still concerned, take it to your local shop or dealer to have it...
  13. RushMan

    Corner edge guard

    Protection against off- road rash, colloquially "Arizona or Utah pinstriping."
  14. RushMan

    Too Much Time on my Hands

    For that reason, the touch screen secondary controls, this may be my last brand new car. Being a retired scientist, techno doesn't frighten me, but it has limitions for appropriate application. Some decades ago, 2 manufacturers designed their scanning electron microscopes with solely keyboard...
  15. RushMan

    Heritage Limited Logo

    BINGO! The difference is the same as between the Big Bend and Badlands grill. Sharp eye!
  16. RushMan

    Too Much Time on my Hands

    I wouldn't confuse politeness, even forced politeness such as in the checkout lane in a store, as in the same vein. "As well" permeates even the amateur car reviewers. I've become so sensitized to it that I even notice now being overused on news programs. As for corporate speak, we were ever...
  17. RushMan

    Corner edge guard

    Just out of curiosity, I had to look these up. I'm not interested. They just seem to be rubber "pasties." I am guessing they are thin rubber doormat type stuff, like the rear bumper guard material.
  18. RushMan

    Too Much Time on my Hands

    Thanks for the reply. I've been watching the BS ever since it was announced. My intention was to replace my '17 Escape when the extended warranty runs out. I shopped several cars and always found the BS closest to my wants and needs. My choice of the Badlands was primarily for the 2.0L...
  19. RushMan

    Corner edge guard

    I didn't know there was such a product for the BS, only for the full size Bronco.
  20. RushMan

    Sneak peek at a prototype engine cover for the 2.0L (Badlands, etc.) and for the 1.5L Models

    OK, a prototype from JCR, Offroad, not from Ford. Got it. edit: Thank you! :)