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  1. CallMeBill

    Overland Expo Mountain West

    Anyone going this weekend? I will be there Friday so wanted to see if any BS owners are going.
  2. CallMeBill

    Overland EXPO- Pacific Northwest 2023

    I am going to the Colorado one but only on Friday. Hoping to get some good deals on some stuff.
  3. CallMeBill

    What Type of USB Ports Do You Have?

    Quick question ...... if I get a wireless dongle for my phone does it plug into the USB-A port (bottom one) to work or will it work if I plug it into the USB-C (top) ?
  4. CallMeBill

    Spider Roof Rack Installation

    Thats why I ended up getting the Yucca roof rack. No drilling, no taking anything down, just mount it to your existing rails. Instructions easy to follow and communication from them was excellent. Jake, the owner, very friendly and will do whatever itt takes to make sure you are happy with his...
  5. CallMeBill

    Portable Power for camping

    Starting to look into using the BS to go weekend camping and am looking for recommendations for a portable power unit to run the 12v fridge/freezer (37qt). Been looking at the Bluetti EB3A and the Ecoflow River 2 (trying to keep it under $300). Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. CallMeBill

    Toyota 2024 Land Cruiser and the new Santa Fe

    yeah but the Land Cruiser base will start in mid 50's they say. Still way too much $$
  7. CallMeBill

    Rally Innovations Light Bar on a BL... Tool question if you have done them

    No issues with mine and I have 4 pod lights on the bar
  8. CallMeBill

    Rally Innovations Light Bar on a BL... Tool question if you have done them

    I used a ratchet wrench and yes it is time consuming especially trying to put the bolts (1 each side) back in while holding the bracket and trying to tighten the bolt by hand til you can get the wrench back in. Just take your time. Def worth it
  9. CallMeBill

    White roof wrap on Area 51 Bronco Sport

    How long did it take for them to put it on? Want to wrap my roof black since @Ford Motor Company decided to screw those of us that had ordered in March of 22 (when it was standard to have black roof on carbonized gray BL) and then they decided to change it without notifying anyone.
  10. CallMeBill

    Colorado 2022 Badlands Wheels & Tires

    Still available. Would be willing to sell individually for those that want a full size spare. Would need at least 2 interested before I would split them though. Individually will do for $125 ea
  11. CallMeBill

    Colorado HRG Lift Kit for Badlands/First Edition/Heritage Limited

    Selling my never opened/installed HRG Lift Kit that I bought for my BL last year. Never got around to installing it. Decided to go a different route for now. As you can see in the pics they are still wrapped in original packing that was sent to me. I also have the new ABS line relocation...
  12. CallMeBill

    Premature tire wear!

    I think there is a pill for that. :crazy:
  13. CallMeBill

    Finally found answer to Whale sound

    So it was finally determined where that "whale" sound everyone was hearing is actually coming from. So double check under your BS.
  14. CallMeBill

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    1. Rough Country 40" light bar 2. Never really looked if the colors matched. Will check later and get back to you 3. Thanks
  15. CallMeBill

    Show off your Roof Rack

    I checked on Youtube and they show part 1 of install but never posted part 2. Very leery about buying from anyone if they don't finish install instructions/videos.
  16. CallMeBill

    HRG lift - Denver area

    I was wondering if anyone in the Denver area has done the HRG lift and if so where did you get it done? Living in an apt I cant do the lift myself. If anyone has done it themselves around here I would be willing to buy food and drinks for help with install. Places I have reached out to want...
  17. CallMeBill

    Yucca Mfg Roof rack installed - pics

    How much of a gap is there in the front between the bottom of the fairing and the roof? Looks substantial and would create noise.
  18. CallMeBill

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    thinking of doing this too. :crazy: :crackup:
  19. CallMeBill

    Mods required to turn the Sport BL into a respectable offroader?

    Agree 100%. Love my MT Baja Boss A/T's. Plus I think they have the best aggressive looking sidewalls Baja Boss AT
  20. CallMeBill

    Most annoying issue you see while driving?

    EVERYONE else!!!!! :sunglasses::)