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  1. Nosmo Rex

    Lego your Bronco!

    I'm a bit of a Lego nut, so I was excited to discover an Australian gentleman who specializes in providing plans for building Broncos (and Sports!). He will sell you plans (in PDF form) and a CSV of the parts list. I provided the color, trim and accessories and he sent me customized plans. A bit...
  2. Nosmo Rex

    Bronco pumpkin stencils from Mud Digger Design

    I hope this is OK to post here. Mud Digger Design sent me an email with a link to some cool Bronco pumpkin carving templates. Black Orange Playful Illustrative Skeleton Halloween Party Invitation Flyer (
  3. Nosmo Rex

    Bronco Buddy at work

    The first time they have been parked together at the office. I know of two other Bronco Sports at my office.