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  1. First Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains.

    Great writeup and pictures thanks for sharing. I think you would also love the mountains in Colorado.....recommend driving the million dollar highway between Silverton and Ouray. That road can definitely get one's BP up!
  2. What do y’all do to clean your engine bay?

    +++on Griots I use their products for all my cleaning, polishing, and waxing needs.
  3. WOW! Totally Impressed!

    By my old school definition, the BSport is not a true 4WD it is an AWD. To me true 4WD means a low range transfer case.
  4. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Spare tire flip! Credit and thanks to NMhunter as I appreciate this idea that I had never considered or thought about in the past! Today I flipped my spare, found a proper bolt with washers to secure it, and put my NOCO 2000A battery booster, 12V tire inflator w/repair kit, and the Bronco tool...
  5. One Year Later with my Badlands Sport (A Photo Journey)

    Thanks for sharing - your mods all add up to a great looking rig!
  6. Does the BS Have the Swollen Lug Nut Problem?

    Yup these can get really bad. My son has a 2014 Fusion and recently had new tires put on. The shop had to DESTROY 3 of these lug nuts to get them off then we had to wait 3 hours for a courier to show up with replacement lug nuts. Having a flat then being unable to get these off myself would piss...
  7. Flat tire experience and prep for next time

    I hear you and I am a current AAA member. In todays world in cities like Philadelphia a breakdown can lead to a dangerous situation. For a minor issue like this I would much rather change it myself and get back on the road ASAP instead of taking a chance waiting like a sitting duck for...
  8. RC Bull bar vs Black Horse Grille Guard

    I just saw this thread and looked through the Black Horse page. I found this, not for BL. Fitment Notes Excl. models with tow hooks
  9. Flat tire experience and prep for next time

    After our return flight to Philadelphia we loaded up our luggage in the BSport and started heading home. 10 minutes into the drive while merging onto I-95 the TPMS sensor threw an alarm and I watched as the tire pressure went to zero in about 10 seconds. I pulled over onto the shoulder and sure...
  10. Realistic rear storage space?

    Love my Badlands Sport. Usable space in the back is not on my list of strengths. However everything is relative - I would recommend you go to a dealer with any BSport on the lot, open up the tailgate and see for yourself in person. Put the second row seats down, see what it looks like, try out...
  11. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Foam wash, rinse, and towel dry both garage occupants. Check out the roof lines in these side by side pictures - my 2012 LR4 and my BSport. I think the BSport looks like a mini LR4 more than any other vehicle and Ford nailed the look. Land Rover wussied out on their Discovery Sport otherwise...
  12. We love our BS.... but name one thing you dislike about it

    The one thing I dislike so far is the tailgate with the huge amount of space needed to open it and it seems my chest is always in the way and gets hit. The glass opening works fine for small items only so most of the time I need to open the whole thing. Would love for the design to change and be...
  13. Who’s Waiting for a Bronco Sport Hybrid?

    Well based on my experience I might be 6 feet under by the time a Hybrid arrived. Here's what my BSport order process and wait time felt like:
  14. From Outer Banks To Badlands

    Good to know the differences. Keep us posted on the off road ability as you take on adventures with your Tremor buddy.
  15. Where was your Bronco Sport manufactured?

    Even if there were multiple manufacturing sites for the BSport I don't believe it would matter quality wise nearly as much as the engineering and design for all the components that are then shipped to the site to put together. Yes there would certainly be some issues with overall assembly...
  16. Move up (maybe) to a full size Bronco?

    No I would not move down to a 6G Bronco. I have an LR4 that is miles above it in every category and the BSport is the perfect companion to fill my garage.
  17. Ground Tent Suggestions?

    Haha totally agree with the overland showboaters. My use case would be a campsite destination near a lake with our two kayaks on the roof and the hitch mounted tent. Seems a very quick setup which is more appealing to me as I get older.
  18. Ground Tent Suggestions?

    I like this idea. The price is too high and it’s not even available yet but I think in a couple of years this may be a great way to go.
  19. New Shoes -- Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse AT 245/65/17

    Great tires.....have you seen this old article regarding "Wrangler" for the 6G? I never even think about this relationship between vehicle and tire brands and models. LOL anyway let us know how they do traction wise and wear I think they will turn out great...