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    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    'The Ice Cream Truck'. The white top with the CG and the Heritage package just made me buy it on sight.
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    Bronco Sport Heritage Build

    A perfect addition would be the very fitting script logo for the door that ScareCrow was kind enough to start a thread with this week. ( I thought the least they could do for that...
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    Heritage Bronco Sport Script Fender Badge Kit now available

    Well, not quite the same thing, but fun nonetheless.
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    Speaker upgrade with B&O stereo system

    Thanks Meander... I'm still not sure I want to dck around in that hard to get to compartment out back. I was thinking to get the same effect, possibly better, if I can just stick a powered subwoofer under the seat or put a small powered outboard box in the cargo area in the back. I'll figure it out.
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    Speaker upgrade with B&O stereo system

    Fantastic. It's getting me more excited to get started on this. The two sets of speakers are sitting in my front room for almost 3 weeks now because...well, because I just haven't had the time to dig in. I'm motivated right now and I'll report this coming week just how well it all worked out.
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    Standard BS Sound System

    I remember when Lexus was fitted that coupe with a 'Mark Levinson' system (was that back in 99?) and I wanted that (idea) badly, almost badly enough to buy the Lexus. I didn't quite understand how this worked yet. Do you remember when Subaru was running with Mcintosh systems? My first thought...
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    Let's see your rear or side window stickers!

    As a pretty well trained and former semi-professional artist, I'm absolutely qualified to say F him :) it absolutely does not 'devalue' anything. It's a goddamned Ford Bronco Sport, not a Porsche- not that your lovely artwork would 'devalue' a Porsche.
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    Suggestions for EZ-Pass tag placement.

    I went with letting it sit on the passenger side of the mirror just to keep it out of that limited center space. Even having a phone holder floating around in the middle seems a little excessive for the area.
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    Having some serious buyers remorse... Probably my last Ford...

    That's just the unfortunate truth here and yes, he did a nice job with his car it looks great. I've always made it a point to stay off of first-year cars. Even a few second year models- and some of them are just irresistible. Unfortunately, you need to let someone else take it on the chin.
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    Having some serious buyers remorse... Probably my last Ford...

    What do you mean whatever? This guy is paying his car payment like most of us pay ours and he's getting nothing but a headache in return. I'm sure Ford will be okay in spite of the well-earned candor. In fact, Ford's not losing any sleep over stories like this. They should have swapped the car out.
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    Standard BS Sound System

    Well, that seals it- B&O, who certainly have a profiled interest in this licensing/merchandising deal (whatever it may be) are using it as a talking point on their website! Subway also makes an 'Italian Meatball' sub that their advertising matter presents with glistening, freshly cooked popolo...
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    Fluttering sound! Has anyone had a similar issue?

    I know the sound and I get it too. I know it's an oddball engine so I'm just kind of rolling with it, so to speak. I'm keeping my ears open for any worsening and then at that point maybe I'll do something about it because I know they're not going to hear anything 'out of the ordinary' at the...
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    First Look at Desert Sand Color on 2024 Bronco Sport

    My father was a long time car dealer. Pretty smart guy, knew everything and anything about cars and moving them. He made this huge sweeping statement when I was a young kid and still sticks with me because I'd love green and I often want a green car, but he told me over the dinner table one...
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    2024 Bronco Sport Free Wheeling Special Edition Revealed + New Black Appearance Package

    Eh. For me, there's a little too much going on and the rainbow thing looks a lot like an LGBTQ flag, which is fine but it's not my flag to wave. Actually, I don't have too many flags I'd want to wave. Nothing wrong with colorful , however we didn't even have colorful cars like that in the '70s...
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    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Isn't it funny how we spend our careers eating, usually badly? I still have bad eating habits from a career in sales- both on the road and at desks. Same for my wife. We'd have dinner with our kids as they were growing up and be done inside about 8 minutes choking it down and leaving the table...
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    What did you own before your Bronco Sport?

    Me? I have a long career in 'square and ugly' cars. I did make an exception for the Saab 900s back in the 80s. That was ugly enough without being Square. The Nissan Cube? A thing of beauty. The original Scion xB- I had it and I loved it. It all started with a 1970 VW 411 wagon back in the '70s...
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    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Today? I ate some grainless tortilla chips as I was driving and left some crumbs in the console. Not my usual MO, but I was hungry and they were delightfully salty, like me.
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    I dread going up my driveway

    The 1.5 is definitely an oddball engine. There's a little hill I get to just before my house and I find that it's best if I kind of gently kick it into overdrive instead of crawling up. I don't think I've ever had a car go Putt-Putt on a not particularly difficult hill. It's not really a deal...
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    Standard BS Sound System

    Your posts on this matter should be required reading for anyone who wants to sensibly upgrade this system, Meanderthal. You've done all the heavy lifting on this.
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    Standard BS Sound System

    You hit the nail on the head with this post. I stepped out of a Jeep that had a fake Beats sound system on the horrible UConnect system and while it really wasn't all that good, it absolutely smoked what I have in my BS. I'm working on making the necessary changes now. There are a couple of...