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  1. jkeaton

    Near redline at WOT - highway merge

    You just voided your warranty.
  2. jkeaton

    Wheel Spacers

  3. jkeaton

    Touch-Up Paint

    I would start with Google.
  4. jkeaton

    Corner edge guard

    For what?
  5. jkeaton

    Hello from Northwestern Ontario!

  6. jkeaton

    Water pump leak

    It is related.
  7. jkeaton

    Splitter for USB-C in front cubby?

    One way to find it!
  8. jkeaton

    Hood Lift Struts

    Same. I just left mine on. It's not bothering anything. And just FYI, I got mine off ebay. A third the cost of the red line and work just as good.
  9. jkeaton

    Hood Lift Struts

    Easy install. One of the first things I did. Got them for my wife for Christmas. For some reason she didn't seem as excited as I was about them. 🤷‍♂️
  10. jkeaton

    Exhaust rattle, dealership won't cover under warranty

    Did you actually get anything in writing that said they will deny warranty because they "believe" you caused the damage?
  11. jkeaton

    Recommended PSI

    Door sticker. But, be prepared for arguments.....just like asking what's the best oil to use. :crackup:
  12. jkeaton

    water spitting up to the windshield

    Completely normal.
  13. jkeaton

    3 piece hood graphics installed (from Underground Graphics)

    Ummm .... that's a no from me.
  14. jkeaton

    Hello all

    What he said. Looks like this platform has no minimum requirements for listing items for sale.
  15. jkeaton

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the club!
  16. jkeaton

    First Post…

    Welcome to the club!
  17. jkeaton


    Anyone else camp? When the kids moved out, the wife and I decided to get back into camping (both grew up camping with our parents). Started out with a popup. That lasted all of 6 months until we got tired of putting it up, taking it down, all the time, if it rained, we had to put it down to...
  18. jkeaton

    Accessory Return Impossible

    Dang accessories! I’ll never buy another ford again! 🤣 🤣 🤣