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  1. Captain Trips

    Anemic Reverse Lights

    Has anyone changed out the reverse lights to something brighter? Under certain conditions (usually rain) I can't see anything through the reverse camera at night. I have a long dark driveway and prefer to back in, so being blind is not ideal. I searched the forum for something, but didn't see...
  2. Captain Trips

    Won't start without a jump

    2021 Big bend 13,000 miles. I got in today and pressed the start button, I heard a pop, and just like that everything was dead. I couldn't even lock the doors. The tow truck shows up, and when he opened the door the headlights started flickering. He gave it jump, and it started right up. So I...
  3. Captain Trips

    Hancook Dynapro AT2 opinions / reviews?

    With all the opinions about tires in this forum I haven't seen anything about the Hancook Dynapro AT2 extreme. I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with them...
  4. Captain Trips

    Needs a bath

    Had to swing by Walmart for some car wash supplies on the way home from the Ocala National Forest.