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  1. Elegance

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Bronco

    I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We have finished our meal, meaning it is now socially acceptable to bust out the Christmas decorations. 😉 I decided to go a little "extra" this year and include my Sport in the festivities. I found 50 feet of cheap garland at Home Depot(no sharp...
  2. Elegance

    One Year Later with my Badlands Sport (A Photo Journey)

    Back in March 2022, I took my Big Bend in for an oil change. My dealer had a bare bones Badlands on their lot for the first time, allowing me to test drive the 2.0L. That sealed the deal and I ordered my dream Badlands on the spot (Velocity Blue, best color ever, plus premium and towing packages...
  3. Elegance

    Highway Robbery

    I just got this in my email inbox. Must be one special pre-owned Base Sport at that price. Are you guys still seeing insane prices for Sports like when the demand was at its peak in 2021 and 2022? Been a while since I've seen a markup this high.
  4. Elegance

    One of the Best Fordpass Features

    Just wanted to share this feature on Fordpass for those who have never used it. I'm currently in Germany for my birthday (Prost! 🍻) and have been checking on my Badlands sitting across the world at the Charlotte Airport thanks to the handy dandy map feature. If you've never used this, hit...
  5. Elegance

    Ford Protect Launches Off-Road Coverage for Bronco and Bronco Sport Lineup It offers coverage for things like damage to wheels and tires, minor windshield chips and cracks, or small dents in the bodywork that owners might incur while out on the trails. Has to be purchased...
  6. Elegance

    Artist-Created Competitior Concept: Third-Gen Nissan Xterra

    I stumbled across an article this morning showcasing fan-created concept art for the all new Nissan Xterra. These are digital renderings created by an automotive artist and are not affiliated with Nissan (yet). These are very blatantly just a photoshopped First Edition down to the FE badge...
  7. Elegance

    First Look at Desert Sand Color on 2024 Bronco Sport It's as nice as I imagined. Adds a subtle ruggedness that pairs beautifully with the black roof and trim. What are your thoughts, folks?
  8. Elegance

    North Carolina Sold: WTB Rally Innovations BL/FE Rally Light Bar

    Looking to purchase the Rally Innovations bull bar found here. Lights included is also a plus and will happy purchase those as well. Located in NC but I can gladly pay shipping if you can work with me on price. This would be the final piece to my BL build. I found a local installer who is...
  9. Elegance

    Great Smoky Mountain Bronco Stampede - Pigeon Forge, TN, Aug 18 - 19 - Sports WELCOME!

    Hey folks, wanted to spread the word about a neat Bronco convention taking place towards the end of the summer. I just heard about the Great Smoky Mountain Bronco Stampede taking place at the Le Conte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN on August 18 - 19. It sounds like it will be a giant marketplace for...
  10. Elegance

    (Before & After Photos) BFG KO2 245/65R17 vs. Pirelli Scorpion 235/65R17 effects on aesthetics

    I've been wanting to put on a set of nicer tires since I got my Badlands in October. Decided to go with the BFG KO2s and got them put on today. They added about an inch or so of height and really enhance the look of the Sport. I took some before and after photos to show the difference between...
  11. Elegance

    (POLL) Help me decide on a personalized plate!

    Y'all have been so instrumental in my decision making when it comes to my Sport. From the big decisions like trading my BB in for a BL, to making it my own with a slew of accessories, to helping with detailing and maintenance, so much of what I've done has been because of not only my own...
  12. Elegance

    Bird poop ate through clearcoat

    Horrible winged creatures left a very acidic gift on my hood while I was at work. It was there for only a day. Cleaned it off yesterday and found this lovely blemish. Looks like it ate straight through the clearcoat - I can feel it when I run my fingers over it. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  13. Elegance

    My Badlands Refueled Itself!

    But I guess in this economy, I shouldn't be complaining. In all seriousness, I parked my Badlands in my driveway last night with the gas gauge reading 1 bar less than a full tank. I started it up again this morning to drive to work and was back to full. Didn't drop back down until about 10...
  14. Elegance

    Cross-Country Trip MPG With Badlands 2.0L Engine

    Hi folks. I know many of you were expecting a write up of my 1800+ mile move from AZ to NC with my roof rack on my Badlands. I was also curious how the 2.0L would perform with a loaded roof rack as compared to the 1.5L in my old Big Bend I drove along the same journey last year. If you recall...
  15. Elegance

    SportSpotting - Find Forum Friends in the Wild

    I'm currently moving across the country from AZ to NC and have seen so many Sports during my travels. I was sure I'd recognized a few as belonging to forum members - Seeing photos of their mods, decals, and builds made some seem familiar. One in particular stood out to me, so I've decided to...
  16. Elegance

    Share Your Bronco-Inspired Products

    I was at a friend's house on this fine Sunday afternoon. She handed me a beer and I couldn't help but admire the can. Have you guys seen any other non-automotive products inspired by the Bronco line?
  17. Elegance

    T'was the night before Christmas...

    ...and all through the house Just Elegance was stirring, so she went to her spouse. "I hit 1000 miles!" she exclaimed with glee So they packed up the Bronco, and set off towards the trees. I finally reached 1000 miles last week, completing my engine break-in period. Today, we took a Christmas...
  18. Elegance

    Oracle LED Grille "Bronco" Lettering Installed on Bronco Sport Badlands

    Hi folks. I purchased the white LED Bronco letters for the front grille found here prior to the arrival of my ordered Badlands. I intended these letters to be a simple but flashy focal point to make my Sport unique. The results speak for themselves. Looks great right? I encourage you all...
  19. Elegance

    Price Protection Dealer Shenanigans

    Needing a little help from you wonderful folks. I purchased my ordered Badlands from my dealer on October 24. The MSRP had gone up about 3k since I ordered in March. I walked into that situation armed with numerous documents outlining how price protection works and my original order sheet. I...
  20. Elegance

    Help with Oracle LED letters

    Hi all. Looking for help from folks who have installed the Oracle LED letters. My Sport went in to the shop today to have the lettering installed, but they have refused to install them. They claim they are the incorrect size to fit in the recesses on the grille where the lettering should sit...