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  1. WildFord

    1 year anniversary and a Coyote

    How quickly time passed when you are having fun. My Badlands has been a good car for me in the last 12 months and 10,900 miles. I don't even use it for daily commute. It has been taking us on road trips or just a Saturday drive somewhere for a bike ride. (this is the first night I brought...
  2. WildFord

    Toyota 2024 Land Cruiser and the new Santa Fe

    anybody see the new release of the 2024 Land Cruiser?? I see many people on the social media saying it looks like a Bronco Sport...I guess it somewhat does. it all carries the tall cabin design and a modern classic look. it certainly is much bigger than the BS but smaller than the out...
  3. WildFord

    Drop Rack?! Very interesting roof rack system. Yakima and others has some kayak carriers to try to do the similar task. but this thing the whole rack comes down. so even a roof top box or bikes can be mounted on it. I was thinking a small crane on top of the car :)...
  4. WildFord

    Glove box light?

    Does the OBX trim has these? BL doesn’t seems to have it at least not mine. finally on a longer road trip and it would be nice to have a dim light in that compartment. Yes, I can always turn on the dome light to see everything. But it would be nice I can add one. I did some search and I...
  5. WildFord

    Nature's Cyber Orange

    California's Eastern Sierras offers some great fall leaf peeping opportunities....and a Ford Cyber Orange BS photo shoot :) Entering to the Cyber Orange world... The Orange Summit
  6. WildFord

    Should of got a bigger basket

    Absolutely beautiful day in the San Bernardino mtns today. I did a good 20 miles mtn bike ride and then took my BS first time on the dirt. This dirt road parallel the single track trail I just rode. The condition of the road is too good so 4wd probably is not necessary. I've seen this in bad...
  7. WildFord

    California ban new gas car sales by 2035 [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS] so, the new 2035 Bronco and Bronco Sports will be electric or not sell in CA. I really think when I pick up my BS this Saturday, it will be my last new ICE car. we have two other vehicles, one is ICE and the other...
  8. WildFord

    Ford SuperVan

    The 1,973-HP Ford Pro Electric Transit SuperVan Is Insanely Cool - CNET I found what I will order next..... I just love these engineering exercises!
  9. WildFord

    Can a BS do what this Bronco OB did?

    I was going to see the Crowley Lake Columns (near Mammoth Lakes California). there is a short steep hill that stops most cars from driving 2 more miles to access the Crowley Lake columns. there are lots of holes on this hill all over the place thanks to many car/trucks spinning wheels. it is...
  10. WildFord

    Useable crossbar space

    I was wondering for those who already installed any brand's crossbar system...Yakima...Thule..Rhino..or the factory, what is the usable crossbar space dimension?? The reason I asked is this...tried to mount my Thule cargo box (a pretty old one) on top of my 530e with BMW crossbar for the first...
  11. WildFord

    Cyber Orange with Gray Roof??

    Since I'm still waiting to be scheduled for a built I'm thinking about my color choice. Maybe I can make some adjustment. I've seen a cyber orange with standard black roof. I never seen one, in person, cyber orange with gray roof. I just saw a Mach E with cyber orange on the...
  12. WildFord

    Granger Ford order?

    anybody in California ordered from Granger Ford? 6% below invoice is a insane deal as far I can search. I'd like to buy a well equipped Badlands. it is a bit hard to find. One dealer near me told me $1k over MSRP to order. I'm kind of......well, I know the market is not good for the buyers...